A report of another Bundeswehr "scandal"

It seems those piccies with the bones and painting Afrika Korps symbols on their trucks has brought all sorts of creeps out of the woodwork.

Here's another report about the simulated execution of a young Afghan lad. But it says in the report that this happened four years ago! Notwitstanding that it shouldn't really have happened at all, but why didn't the geezer report it at the time?


For those not familiar with the German language, here's a quick translation:

“The scandal surrounding Bundeswehr photos in Afghanistan is obviously widening. As the "Berliner Morgenpost" (Sunday edition) reported, four years ago soldiers allegedly simulated an execution with a young Afghan boy and photographed it. The newspaper quotes the statements of an NCO from Berlin, who at the time was a member of a support unit in Afghanistan. He disclosed to the newspaper that during a patrol, a soldier had called a young boy over, put a half nelson on him and pressed a loaded weapon to his head. Four or five soldiers had taken photos with their digital cameras.”

Sounds like he got paid a few euros for a story which can't be verified....

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