A Rendezvous With the Enemy by Darren Ware

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by hammy123, Aug 30, 2010.

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  1. Book written by an ex Green Jacket about the death of his brother who was Scots Guards by an IRA IED. Early parts of the book were hard to understand and seemed to go over the same ground, but once you settled into the writing style it was an excellent read. The book is basically an account of Darren's brothers death whilst out on patrol. Goes through what happened on the patrol, immediate aftermath for his section, platoon and company as well as the family. Details how Darren was informed his brother had been killed (as he was also in NI on tour). The book then goes into the after effects of an incident such as this such as the funeral, inquest and memorial etc. Book goes into some horrific detail about what happend and what was found of Darren's brothers body, a real eye opener for people who think everyone comes home in one piece. I found the book to be a little "spleen venting" by Darren, but then who would blame the bloke.

    I would recommend it, excellent read and a sad account of one of the last deaths in NI
  2. its a good read!! but his brother was serving in the 2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards on our 91 tour of South Armagh
    very sad day that was! listening on the radio while they were searching for simons body!
  3. Simon Ware was in 2nd Bn Coldstream Guards, posted across from 1st Bn Coldstream Guards for the South Armagh tour in 1991. He died while on foot patrol in the NTH area.
  4. Apologies for the mistake.
  5. Thank you Hammy for your constructive and positive comments. Much appreciatted and best wishes Darren (danware1597@sky.com)