A Rendezvous with the Enemy, by Darren Ware

I first met Darren in 2006 when I was doing a book signing session in Preston; I was sat in the doorway of an extremely busy shop feeling intensely embarrassed as all eyes were on me and longing to see a familiar face. A split second later, as if he’d read my mind, a bushy haired stranger with a warm grin and an outstretched hand bounded over to me and introduced himself as a fellow Royal Green Jacket and budding author. His enthusiasm was infectious and we hit it off straightaway. My instincts were proved right and I realised that I had met one of the most determined and unique men that I would ever have the privilege of knowing.

A Rendezvous with the Enemy is a book that is as unique and memorable as the author himself. For nigh on a decade Darren was an exceptionally highly qualified NCO in the British Army and took whatever muck and bullets that it threw at him, winning a coveted Mention In Despatches along the way and completing four arduous operational tours. As if that wasn’t enough he then joined the Police and became a firearms specialist and Helicopter Observer in the Armed Response Unit – an elite within an elite. He took all this on the chin and soldiered on until one catastrophic tragedy and cold-blooded murder almost laid him low; the death of his beloved soldier brother at the hands of a massive IRA Landmine explosion, that vapourised his bones and left a moon-like crater in the South Armagh countryside.

Darren eventually recovered from his dreadful ordeal and returned to NI with his customary zeal and ferocity to fight for justice on his slain brother’s behalf; firstly as a seasoned army NCO and secondly as a hardened policeman with detective skills and a determination that would put Columbo to shame. No stone was left unturned and with the aid of former junior NCO comrades (many of whom now own senior rank) and sympathetic fellow policemen from the former RUC, he went back to the scene of the crime and thrust a virtual bloody stake in the ground on behalf of his brother. Piece by relentless piece he has assembled a jigsaw of justice and done his brother’s memory proud.

Once upon a time I was fortunate to have a brother in my life who was as special and kind to me as the great Simon Ware was to Darren, so on a human level I understand his extreme quest for the truth. As a man, as a soldier, as a brother and a writer I have got nothing but vast respect for Darren and what he has accomplished in A Rendezvous with the Enemy – I know how hard his journey has been. Please read and support this superb book from one of Britain’s finest: part soldier’s story; part police story; and above all a simply wonderful tribute to an inspiring man: Simon Ware – RIP bro’.

A Rendezvous with the Enemy: My Brother's Life and Death with the Coldstream Guards in Northern Ireland: Amazon.co.uk: Darren Ware: Books

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