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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Fraser, Dec 2, 2007.

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  1. A quick reminder to some, but news to others, your Supervisor (Radio)* wef 01 Dec 07 is now a Yeoman of Signals (EW). It has finally been recognised by the Royal Corps of Signals that they are complete buffoons and cannot even be trusted to supervise an inanimate object.

    *You will have one in your CoC somewhere, if you are unsure who it is, look for a slightly dull-witted individual who will probably roam your place of work compiling "stats". This could be anything from checking that you have completed MATTs/WIPs to whether or not you have taken your mandatory number of piss breaks this year. Alternatively, they will be "Instructors", not that they actually teach anything, but this is the term of choice to describe those individuals who are not even competent enough to compile "stats".
  2. Bet the real YoSs are chuffed to Naafi break about that
  3. Are you suggesting that they aren't real Yeomen?

    You must admit, the two courses are comparable. :roll:
  4. Tee hee! Yeoman. That'll please the mafioso! 8O
  5. Will they come away with the same quals as a Yeoman of Sigs (which I am led to believe are pretty good)?
  6. And they will stilll be the half wits that they have always been
  7. Checking on MATTs and WIPs? That is a RD job surely?
  8. I think you are being a little generous there. :wink:
  9. Is there such a thing as a quarter-wit?
  10. Possibly not, but there is such a thing as a fuckwit; and there are plenty of those on the Yeoman (EW) roster. :wink:
  11. Interesting, well sort of. Agree with all the wonderful praise that has been heaped on this special job (Suprvr Radiator/now YOSEW in previous posts. I wonder why we don't have a plethora of appointments assigned to ranks in our wondrous corps? In the REME for example there's a similar string of appointments for every conceivable craft and trade. Is it because the corps is small and nearly beautiful? I must say I rather liked being called Sarn't major by ocifers as a wooh two and being addressed as 'Mister' when elevated to wooh one, was, I now realise part of my resettlement training.
  12. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Int Corps LCpl=Yeoman of Brews?

    LCpl (YOB)... sounds about right.
  13. Staff Sergeant OpMI(L) = Wizard
    WO2 OpMI(L) = Necromancer


    WO1 (Jedi Knight) ...
  15. Fukk me, talk about a chip on a shoulder! Did some nasty Supervisor tell you off once?