A reminder of the different old day.......

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by barbarasson, Dec 27, 2006.

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  1. Scanning the play.com sale, I see that Preston Front has been released on DVD. Cheap too.....
  2. Blimey that takes me back! Didn't realise they did 3 series of it either!
  3. why not, there's four seasons of ultimate Farce!
  4. Top bit of Nostalgia, especially for those of us whose units were up that way, bought and paid for now as well!

    Cheers BBson
  5. Does anyone remember "Spearhead" from the 70's? A "Wessex" Rangers series?
  6. With the coloured chapknown as midnight? PC lot would go nuts about it now.
  7. Lloydys carp and Gurkha Tank Battle

    shame all the good storylines and jokes were used up in the first episode :oops:
  8. Remember it well, forerunner to not so good Soldier Soldier. One plot had a soldier with a HK Chinese wife who didn't get on with her mother in law so the soldier went AWOl to sort things out. (very strange the things one remembers)

    Those TV programmes were great for TA recruiting.