A Reminder from History that War is Indeed Hell

Discussion in 'US' started by jumpinjarhead, Jun 18, 2012.

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  1. I had seen this some years ago and ran across it again today. Another reason why many combat veterans are slow to want another war.


    A few stills:

    4958871441_4aed7f297f_b.jpg 4958873069_dc0edf9c7e_b.jpg 4959466528_60baed2d7a_b.jpg 4959466740_cdf85934c0_b.jpg 4959466244_7d914f5e78_b.jpg 4959464644_0dd7b4e827_b.jpg
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  2. Shouldn't have joined if you can't take a joke...
  3. A joke? Should I be laughing?
  4. Don't worry JJ, he is on a mission to get his 20,000 posts in!
  5. JJH - Where did those stills originate from ?
  6. Looks like Vietnam but I could be wrong.
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  7. Or crying.
  8. What possessed you to post this? Does anyone need reminding?
  9. JJH - would also like to know who the snapper is. Was it Horst Faas?
  10. He died a couple of weeks ago, google and all is there, nothing new in these pics. Faas took alot better and more grainy.
  11. They are from several combat photographers that I have collected over the years.
  12. Yes-he is one--let me see if I can find the rest of the names.

    Added: Henri Huet, Sal Veder, Rick Merron, Bill Ingraham, John Nance and Nick Ut
  13. Some on here do as there is always the next generation that needs to learn from the previous ones.
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  14. Depends on the lesson:

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  15. My lesson is as simple as it gets and is adequately stated in the title of the thread.