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Discussion in 'REME' started by Army_Rizzle, Aug 15, 2009.

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  1. I cant find a reme specific website and so am thinking about setting one up. Im very experianced in web-design and internet managment.

    What Im asking is, what would people like to see on said website, what features would people expect?
  2. Wouldn't it be just like a collection of all the REME Facebook groups?
  3. These are not what I ment. Im talking about a cross ebtween an online community and say the crafty mag. Specificly for REME.

  4. A spellcheck would make it very interesting :wink: :wink:
  5. Was that a little cross patch there,has the pram tipped up already? :roll:
  6. I should take more care when typing on forums, always happns :(
  7. Well you should have said that in the first place - would have saved me 5 mins of my life :)

    Have you spoke with anyone at the Crafty mag? They may well have something in mind or waiting for some ideas - give them a shout and see what's out there. (If you're lucky you may get some non-sarcastic help.)
  8. Hmm, have you spoken to them (Crafty Mag) recently......
  9. Not personally - I'm not the one the wants the info. Rizzle wants some type of cross between online community and the Crafty; that's why I suggested it.

    ...Oh, hang on, you're not suggesting that you'd get a crap response if you dared to phone the Crafty bods are you? :)
  10. So you want a load of people from the REME to chat about Comd(ES)?

    BTW, when are they going to rename the crafty mag to Comd(ES) journal? Mind I was surprised this month when he only had a couple of pictures in there....
  11. Not spoken to anyone yet, had a few ideas tipping round my mind for a couple of months now, gunna start putting in some research. But cheers for the possitive feedback and the non-positive stuff lol
  12. http://remerus.co.uk/forums.html

    Just found that in my Favourites but it appears to have died. The few times I used the site, there seemed to be more chiefs than indians.

    Of course those of us who were (and still are) involved in the aviation side of REME are already catered for with the Army Aviation website (Clicky).

    Good luck with the site.