A referendum to decide UK immigration policy?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, May 27, 2007.

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  1. In full


    I never recall once being consulted by my elected representatives about allowing my Country to become a haven for the Worlds garbage while genuine Heroes to whom we owe everything are shunned.

    I demand a Swiss style referendum on the UK's immigration policy, the result being the majority will of the People shall be fixed for a generation and will be above any EU interference.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    There are days when one is not proud to be British.

  3. Nue labour hates British troops and all they stand for.
    Gorden made sum comment that he considers the Military basicaly Conservative by nature.
  4. Would it be an idea to write on our MP's on this subject? Im sure there are plenty of people on here who feel quite strongly about this and unless we make our feelings known to those who can actually ido something about the decision then this will go ahead.
  5. Do they actually listen, a lot of people have expressed opinions to their MPs in the past but as usual nothing happens, the Downing St petitions are a fine example of the Government listening to the people who actually voted them in (or not in some cases).
  6. You mean like the road pricing "E-Petition" which had to shut down after receiving millions of anti votes? And now it appears road pricing will be forced on us anyway. Obviously Neu Liabour take a vast interest in what the public want. I doubt whether anything we say will have any effect whatsoever.
  7. When GB states that the military is basically Conservative, does he mean that they want to conserve things or like the good old days they want to hunt and kill all things verminous eg; Liebour politicians and sit around all day drinking Pimms and large G & Ts.
  8. Tul Bahadur Pun VC, needs to become a muslim.

  9. Count me in, sounds like a good day's work.

    Since when did British Institutions lose all sense of common sense and loyalty?
    But which political party would clean out the rot in the system.
    How about a new party?
  10. I remember an interview with slimy Phoney Tony on the radio in the run-up to the last UK election and something that he said actually epitomises the attitude of the UK gobment to the wishes of the people.

    In answer to a particular question, Phoney Tony said: "I will not be dictated to by the electorate". Which just about sums it up. Fückin' dreadful little shite!

  11. Even though they were illegal immigrants what is the betting that No 1,2,4 were also getting some kind of benefits aswell through false paperwork. How much of our tax payers money will now go into paying for court cases, housing them in HMP's etc. and feeding them?
  12. And then they wonder why the forces are inherently Conservative.
    To quote from "V for Vendetta"-
    "The people should not be afraid of their Government, the Government should be afraid of their people"
  13. I sincerley believe that the majority of service personnel are inherently conservative (note small c) however in the paranoid mind of Mr Broon any body that is not totally 100% behind Neu Liabour must be against them and therefore potentially a Conservative. They must go and they must go soon.
  14. This is severely boiling my piss. It really fucking is.

    Is it any wonder the BNP are gaining more support???

    FFS, the man has a VC! What more has he got to prove?
  15. Its as if New Labour are willing the BNP to be elected...