A reason to keep an AAC Regiment in the North?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by floppyjocky, Mar 9, 2007.

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  1. Here goes,

    I'm not at Dishcloth but I did spend nearly 7 years there. Personally I thought it was a great place to be and I know that many others felt the same.

    I'm sure that the following point has been taken into account when discussing/planning the future but bear with me a second.

    If the planned move to Benson goes ahead this will leave the AAC without any real representation in the North of the UK (sorry to Leuchars but you know what I mean). One thing I did notice when at Dishforth was the amount of men and women from the North, doesn't matter what trade - Groundies, Aircrew, Chefs, Techs, FAACO etc etc.

    Has anyone looked into the possible effect of recruiting to the AAC and Avn related trades through not having a Northern base ? I'm sure it will have an effect but I'm not sure how much.

    While a lot of us join the army to escape the place we live (well I did) there is a tendancy to be drawn back to an area after a few years. Certainly recruiters now advertise the fact that you can be nearer home as a lot of youngsters want that, it has been proven by ATRA that the chance of being nearer to family is a big lure these days. This obviously works well for local Inf type units but I"m sure it will make a difference to us as well.

    All the geordies, scousers, jocks and whippet fanciers might just think twice about the AAC if there is never going to be anything for them nearer to home, especially with the work tempo being what it is right now. It's not as if we have the time to knock off every Fri lunchtime and not start back until Mon PM (as some in other arms can). Travelling up North for the weekend will be very expensive and very rare.

    It's just a thought, it doesn't affect the price of fish for me as I'm out soon but I would certainly hope that this has already been factored in for the future.

    The question is.......Has it ?

    Please don't use this as a "I hate northerners" thread, there are plenty of them about (and vice versa).

    Any thoughts ?
  2. Interesting point. Part of me thinks f*ck the homesick wimps, living down south is hardly joining the bloody French Foreign Legion. However, the fact is that once we become a bit older and wiser we realise that living closer to home is a very important factor in keeping domestic sunray happy.

    The wise man would keep Dishforth operational, but as with all things, it's the bean counters who call the shots.

    C'est la vie.
  3. Fair one Fred but I think my point is that if we don't have the facility to begin with ie: in 4 years time, then we won't even have people joining to become the "homesick wimps".

    The lads/lasses that may have joined because they COULD at some point be posted nearer to home may go for another choice to begin with.

    Like I said I'm not sure it will be a major factor but in these days of tough recruiting it might be. With the demographic trough about to be at it's worst I hope that the bean counters have considered it.

  4. Wow, Floppy. You think the MoD actually look that far ahead? I'd suggest the forecast is no longer than 4 weeks. Even the Met Office look further ahead!
  5. Sadly, another very fair point. I was obviously drunk when posting, sorry everyone.
  6. Remember, most postings in main building are only about 2 years so most incumbents don't need to look further than their next OJAR. :nod:

    Finish the job with a nice looking paper on saving money and up you jolly well go. Who gives a fcuk if it actually works?
  7. Just one?

    I can't think of one place in the UK where a couple of AAC line pilots can, in their 'allocated hour', jump into their aircraft and fly around some hills in a tactical kind of way.
    On the moors or on the dales day or night, the benefits must far outway the flat fen flying!

    How about another?
    AAC line pilots 'from a northern base', can fly missions into Spadeadam without a lot of wasted time 'in transit'!
    Launch, 40 min tac transit to target, conduct mission, Carlisle for tea, bacon sarnie, debrief and fuel, LL or IF back to base.
    Imagine all that electronic, flying and currency training value!
    All in a mornings work and can be repeated in the afternoon and night by different crews, all with the minimum of organisational bumpf!

    The greatest benefit of keeping a base oop north though is this,

    How much did you hear about the unhappiness and grumblings at Watt-a-sham?
    How content were the folk at Dish-cloth?

    I would rather have half a happy workforce than a completely unhappy one!
  8. Good points Sid, I perhaps should of titled the thread "Yet another good reason".

    Having thought about it I did say in my first post that it doesn't affect me as I'm getting out, this wasn't strictly true as I would definately consider staying in if Dishforth was a long term option. I'm sure that fact alone won't cause the slightest ripple but I could probably name 20 others who feel the same and thats just aircrew.
  9. Come on chasps - it's Cumberland sausage rolls at Carlisle! I thought they still taught that at MW! :thumright:

    Edited for spooling
  10. It will not have been considered at all. Efficiency and effectiveness (read saving money) will have been the only real considerations.