A reason to go to Lidl?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Jan 5, 2010.

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  1. The last really good reason I had to go to Lidl was a 600ml bottle of San Miguel for £1.80. I couldn't get my hand round the girth. 6 of those was a goooooood day!
  2. German bratties, frikadellen, potato salad and cheap beer ... all worth going to Lidl for :)
  3. seconded.....and thirded!
  4. And shite hot optics at silly cheap prices
  5. That and your bezzer works there ;)
  6. Agreed here too. They may not be the best bratties, but they are fine for currywurst. Mmmm… currywurst… :hungry:
  7. Just polished off a couple of bratties with some curried sauce, chips and a nice bottle of 'Hoffer' blond pils from Lidl. :D

    I'm glad the RAF chimps from my Joint Unit all shop at Tesco's, they bore me enough all day without having to meet them in the shops during evening time too! :roll: :roll: :roll:
  8. Actually I haven't been able to get Bratwurst from Lidl for about a year now in any of the branches I have visited here in NI.
    Aldi aren't over here so I am stuffed on that front too!
  9. Polish till workers. Some of which are female!
  10. Some Tesco outlets are now selling bratties; Waitrose too, if there's one in NI (expensive, naturally), and M & S may have them. To the above Lidl list I'd add Rotkohl and Sauerkraut (available elsewhere, I know). One notable absence, for me, is mittelscharf Senf - anybody know where I can get it?
  11. bought some fab venison steaks, lobsters and 2 guinea fowl from there last week! beats eating the same 4 animals week in week out!
  12. Tesco £1.47. :x
  13. I love the sweets they sell
  14. Polish till workers. Some of which are female!