A really tough decision?

First things first, I recently passed selection with an A grade and have now been given a start date for roughly 3 weeks. The only problem is I am now having second thoughts.

The reason for my second thoughts is that when I began my application (well over a year ago) my situation was very different. I am now at college, have a decent part time job and live closer to my family and girlfriend.

Before applying I always wanted to go uni and then give officer selection a crack, and my head is saying to me to stay on at college and then maybe apply as a non grad. I'm studying Economics, Politics, Business Studies and Sport. So would these subjects even be suited to becoming an officer?

Obviously my start date is looming, and this is a real weight on my shoulders and a massive decision for a 17 year old to make. To sum this up I would love some advice on whether to enlist now or see out college and possibly uni and then give AOSB a shot? Also if I was to decide on the latter would this go against me in any way in the future?

Cheers in advance :)
i was 17 at the time when i amde my decision. i went for the option of uni and now in my 2nd year. ive passed aosb and just joined the otc. that could well be the better option for you as it will give you an idea of what its all about..
You tink that's a tough decision, imagine my consternation when confronted with a pot of jam AND a pot of marmalade at breakfast this morning.

On a more serious note the only person who can make that decision is you and you can only do that with the correct advice and all the information to hand, my suggestion would be to go into your Carreers office and speak to them lay out your position and tell them what you are thinking then find out what you options are

If I were 17 again and looking at decent grades I would be looking at Uni, OTC then Sandhurst but I aint you fella

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