A Real Operative ?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by adastra, Nov 22, 2009.

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  1. Kevin Halligen

    Rubbish - I clearly recall sharing a Star taxi with Kevin from Ashford railway station to the `Manor` in the early/mid 90's when we both VLs on the pre select 49 course.

    How surprised I was to read that he was back in that sleepy market town in 2003 and working for a reputable company such as `IMYOURMAN`

    `One of Us`
  2. A real Operator indeed!

    I don't know whether to be impressed or flabbergasted. I note that on joining Inkerman he would be focussing on the Minerva project.

    I believe Minerva was the Godess of Wisdom!!! :lol:
  3. The boys from the AS used to regularly bump into characters like Kevin H( anon at seminars etc.) and listen with astonishment, and some considerable amusement, to some of their adventures!
  4. Top blagging.
  5. i love some of the comments from civvies:

  6. There used to be a bloke of the same name in the Corps.......

    but....no.....don't think so.......he wouldn't would he.......no...........but maybe............ :?
  7. What a sad state of affairs that a company that offers risk and security mangement failed to make even the basic background checks on an internal individual :roll: He obviously `talked a good op` and like many Walter Mitty's not only deluded himself but others in the higher echelons of the food chain as well :oops:

    Subsonic - my I2 Chart on this (as you know first commenced in 2003 :twisted: ) is coming along nicely. Just created a link to KH and PO-210 !
  8. All that's missing from this sorry tale are reports that 0@k1ey have employed a man in a beagle costume and a leading Hollywood voice-over artist in the continuing hunt for Maddy.
  9. Is that Teddy Salad? CIA Agent?
  10. I worked, some years ago, with a top AS instructor in CQB, he was furious at how regularly he came across Walter Mitty types running BG courses, and making a lot of money out of equally gullible Waler Mitty's - there's a whole world of them out there happily fooling each other! Unfortunately sometimes they slip into the real world!
  11. Sadly in these difficult times, still too few Reservists are getting through the selection course for W Sqn (V), 49 Para (Exploding Wallet)Terrorism Warning Advisory Team- Shortt's Own {{Coronet Training Services}}
  12. An aircraft bearing the number N44765 has just flown over the Ponderosa heading towards Kidlington. :twisted:

    Sub - no need now for `Red Spot Insurance` :p
  13. http://www.airport-data.com/aircraft/N44765.html#aircraft382055

    N44765? Apparently thats a Lombardo Alex CGS Hawk.


    The tool of choice for the tool of choice apparently.
  14. Is that the one with the nose-mounted Gattling gun that fires Van Morrison Cds?
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