A real fear for the future

Discussion in 'REME' started by Falklands16, May 8, 2007.

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  1. I have noticed over the past few years and probably then some, our Corps, of which I used to be rightly proud, is going very quickly to the dogs. The standard of recruited personel is of such a low standard I now spend my day sorting out admin problems and people crying as "this was not what I was told at Bordon". If neither of these I am sorting out fighting at weekends and "I don't want to be a VM, it's s**t" after 5 months of leaving SEME. Each week we try to inspire even just a little bit of passion about their chosen trade just to have it thrown back at you as they don't want to be there. There was once a time where you had one nightmare in a section but you knew he had the character to become a good tradesman. It now feels you have one good tradesman per section.
    Now because we have such a shortfall in L/cpl's and Cpl's we are going to promote them to try and keep them interested. I'm sorry but in the long run we will lose out, as even now we have some Cpl's (not all, before I get my head bit off) that can't answer and can't deal with questions on their trade and hide out the way so as not to be put in that situation. Our unit has now been selected to provide for 5 tours over 2 years (each Sqn having separate tours) including the sham of Public Duties in the UK. To cope with the fact that we cannot supply the manning for these tours we are giving people acting ranks of nearly two up?. OMG are we in this bad a state.
    On recently approaching Comd ES reference this very subject I was told not to worry as we have lots of class 1's coming out of SEME who WILL! pass. Read into this what you may but is this really the future of our Corps and if so are you happy with it?.
    I know this is a bit of a rant and a lot of people will disagree but this is my view. I will sit back and wait for the "If you don't like it get out" people to address this. I have 4 yrs left and it seems a shame as I feel this was and could still be Corps to be proud of and not just get by because of recruiting figures.
    Apologies for the spelling.
  2. Its sad but true, I am only a recent convert having spent the last twelve years as a luggage carrier.

    but having spent 9 months at Bordon listening to guys mope and moan about their trades, Before they have even finished training!!

    fear not though, there are guys there who are keen as f*ck, they will just need good guidance from their sect comdrs.

    (and I think the transfer rate may come down a bit, now that you lose your rank as soon as you come through the gates at SEME, full screws demoted to crafty and treated like ph2 crows, not a good recipe for recruiting)
  3. You will of come through Bordon just after me, left in 1988 and I used to think the same as you in some respect. I think one of the best things for you would be to try and get an E2 post as a recruiter which would probably get you to view things a bit differently. After finishing as a recruiting Sgt last year we actually are getting the cream of the crop of society from todays way of life. I had heard and maybe thought the same as you that 'Where are we getting this lot from'
    Look back to the late 80's early 90's and you must remember your Cpl in your unit saying exactly the same thing( like my dad says happened when he was in the Army in 50's/60's) when you turned up in his LAD/WKSP.
    The difference now is as a SNCO you have more to do with less staff so not able to give the dedicated to personnel developement as you would like. Peoples rights ect have come more into it but thats the same as civvy street. I dont think standards have changed as such the older you get the more you know and wiser you get and in some respects forget you were once young and stupid.
  4. I do, to be honest remember my Old full screw complaining but up until a few years ago I don't remember many people that joined up in a trade, not having any interest in that trade.
    My problem is what the higher REME personel are doing about the problems we have and it seems they get as high as they can without making any impact, except reinventing-renaming something that already exists and remarking on the army when they get out. I just think they should not worry too much about their career and worry about the job they have to do whilst in, make the difference.
  5. The biggest problem is

    Pre Tech Evals, Tech evals, Pre ECI's, ECI's, Safety Inspections MSI's, MEI's, Board of Officers, Weekly checks, fortnightly checks, monthly checks, OC' diary checks, Prod conferences, pre prod conferences, Sqn Conferences, duties, pre deployment training, op tours,etc, etc etc

    What time have we got left now a days to get on the shop floor and educate the lads in between this, fitter section work and op tours.

    I prefer to stay in an extra hour and come in the morning an hour early to get things done you achieve more and can put in a bit more with the lads. Unfortunately everyone knows that you havent the time to play hard as much as we did in the early 90's because of the way were stretched. Problem is trying to keep a smile so the lads dont get pissed off and Id rather do a little extra work so that they dont have to push any overtime.
    Sorry must get back to my John Smiths and hope I havent made a complete ARRSE of my self.
  6. Was it a myth back then that the REME demanded the highest intelligence level for entry in the British Army? Something that the training staff at Depot used to throw into our faces.
  7. As The _ iron said all the checks breifing we all have to do now give us no time to shape our young lads :evil: . On top of that all the kit that used to be at our disposal to work on is know locked in hangars you try and get a plt of cfn experanced on kit when they only see it once in a blue moon. When they do see it there's 15 of them around one pack. The only time we get to teach them how to spanner is on ops or ex and thats not the time or the place to be training.
  8. I will probably get slaughtered for this ...however ..... I have been in the REME world since 1977 and frankly I despair at what has been coming through the system the past 15 years ..maybe longer .... The standard of military training is abysmal .... I hesitate to use these words but ..in my day :roll: I would have put most REME tradesmen up against your average infantry man and would have expected him to give a good account of himself ..... before I got out (93 ) we were getting guys through who hadn't even passed APWT's or CFT's etc !!

    On the trade side , the course length & content had been cut so drastically the guys were no use to man nor beast on the shopfloor which I put down to the fact that trade traing was no longer done by experienced ex REME who knew the kit but instructors from Vosper thornycroft . Add to that what I percieved to be an attitude of I'm only here for the beer and the tax free cars ........ !! I think what was lacking was the desire to soldier ...they wanted a nine to five job with a smart uniform but FFS don't ask me to fire guns n things .... !

    I rather suspect our once great Corps will be killed off in the next 10 -15 years and everything done by contractors on a massive amount of money !!
  9. I think your right in some aspects but are totally wrong in others. The fact that experienced SNCO's were stopped doing the trade training and having civvies involved had caused a massive problem. There is a lot of people in not only the REME but Army wide for the wrong reasons but with op tours coming round every year thats getting less. The REME tradesman is now firing weapons and learning mil skills more now than ever before. I have recently done a extensive infantry training package with my fitter section lads who did everything from beach landings, Heli lifts, and a full range that even when I was with the infantry/Artillary they never conducted when i was attached. A recent exercise in the LAD they conducted river crossings and survival techniques and for some of the lads returning to live firing in Afghan for a second tour. Regarding contractors taking over it was mentioned in te early 90's when Armd Wksps were changed to Bns and probably well before that and with WFM and the like could be a possibility. The only problem is that when a Wimmick or warrior brakes down in Afghan/Basra will a civvy tow truck turn up to repair it ? There will always be REME at first line units.
  10. If you're right , and I hope you are then maybe there is a future for The Corps :::: HMG permitting of course !!
  11. Without the civvies we have at our place, in total four, we would be dead in the water, they work with no complaints and don't winge when they get a s**t job thrown there way. I honestly think in our current climate that employing more civvie vm's is the only way to survive, although not ideal at all, as was said above they won't deploy. So what do we do? I don't see our commitments slowing any and Afghanistan is a 1yr tour, for us anyways. :?