A Rather Large Badge Collection...

A member of my family has recently inherited an extensive badge collection from one of my grandparents (he was an Ex-RAF Engineering officer, if you're wondering). The collection comprises of well over a thousand badges.
Main areas of the collection:

-British Army Metal badges- mixture of Glengarry and Beret badges- the majority of the collection, well over a thousand of them, predominantly Georgian but with many Elizabethan mixed in. Very few are staybrite badges!
-Royal Navy metal ship's badges
-Commonwealth armies badges- Australian/Canadian/Maltese
-Foreign badges- American, German (possibly WW2-era)

There are also some cloth badges, medals, and "special items" such as presentation silver badges.

The collection is still being catalogued by my relative and I, in my limited spare time, but hopefully I'll soon be able to produce a full list with photographs of it.

Any suggestions as to places that would be interested in the collection, either as a lot or in parts, or if people are looking for an elusive badge, I welcome your PMs.

a listing would help
RCSignals said:
a listing would help
agreed - if you have any of the lancashire regiment cap badges drop me a note.

Early signals badges for me if you have any they would be most appreciated. just let me know
Depends on whether you want to sell to make max dosh or donate to best possible cause.

To sell, start looking [Google?] for specialist collector clubs [might get an idea of value through sale of similar items] or auction houses. Get them valued by a reputable militaria expert [auction houses?]. They will probably give you ideas for disposal if not suitable for auction.

If you want to donate, try the National museums - IWM London, RN/Army/RAF Museums, Regimental museums [once visited the Fort George Museum - one helluva medal collection]

But whatever you do, keep it together until you get expert advice - there may be connections between badges and/or the personal history attached to some of the items. I really would spend a lot of time in research before parting with a single item.
Many thanks for your replies, chaps.

As I say, the listing's being worked on, it's purely a matter of finding time during leave. I'll see what I can do.

Cheers, Dok
Beware of "experts" offering valuation advice.

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