A rather depressing article from the Telegraph

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Abdiel, Jun 18, 2011.

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  1. This is terrible journalism.

    The redundancies are focussed. They've not just said "who wants to go?". They've asked for volunteers from specific ranks and trades. They'll then board volunteers, taking the weakest first. Voluntary redundancy is always oversubscribed. Because people have expressed an interest it doesn't mean they'll go.

    How how exactly does the Telegraph know who will be future generals?

    And if the quality does go, I may eventually get promoted.
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  2. Should be read in conjunction with this from The Spectator

    Years of timidity from politicians have left our military commanders dangerously overconfident

    Breaking rank | The Spectator
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  3. They probably know in the same way that whenever a scrote was kicked out of the Army at the age of 18 (for drugs, theft or any other crime) they were usually destined to have had a 'great career ahead of them' and had been identified as a future RSM. Based on what you may ask - a glowing report from the first 3 weeks of CMSR during Phase 1 Trg?
  4. An excellent article.
  5. Exactly the same as last time, all the talent will volunteer, while the shite slips through. Whats the board going to do? All those that are hiding in those jobs that no-one wants, they're not going to put themselves forward are they? If some fat **** whose been hiding behind an idle chit for the last 10 years, can keep waddling through to full pension, i think they are most likely to keep hiding. I had the unfortunate honour of serving in a Regiment about 10 years ago, whose seniors must have escaped Options for Change, cos they were all ******* *********, with the ability and man management skills of Col Gadafi. From the CO down to the Troop Sgts. Alot of very talented people got out because of them.
    I can see the Board getting rid of the volunteers, as it'll be easier trying to get rid of them, than fighting the fat ****, who's going to try everything to stay in. What with everyone being experts in 'Uman rights, and the Employment Act these days
  6. Seconded
    10 for cash
  7. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    For some Duty, Honour and Country are worth more than the size of what I assume to be a gob smackingly generous redundancy payout - the first £30k of which is tax free.

    Some men can be easily bought and sold.
  8. Why does the media seem to think that Cowper Coles is some kind of FO demi-god?

  9. So, are you against redundancy payments altogether, or are you against the principle of asking for volunteers before imposing compulsory redundancies?
  10. My rank and trade weren't offered redundancy. If they had been there'd have been a me sized hole in the fence and I'd still have had the clerk's arm in my hand as I did a runner.

    Staying in a job that's had all the fun squeezed out of it or £70,000 cash? Not a difficult choice really.
  11. Or maybe he's just an ill-informed twat who's experience of the military is probably limited to watching his younger brother get dressed ready for ACF on a Tuesday night.
  12. Not sure on his his FO credentials, however, I do think it was a thought provoking and largely accurate article.
  13. I got out earlier on this year, if I had hung around and waited to apply for redundency I'd still be hanging around with no guarantee that I would get it. As it stands I'm far happier on the outside. You can't blame anyone for leaping at this oppurtunity.

    Edit: That said I'm quite sure my trade is still a pinch point trade and any request will be fobbed off for redundency. :)
  14. An excellent sentiment. If only more people like you were in the forces we could halve the pay, shaft the pension and you'd duteously soldier on. Are you available for cloning?

    Alternatively, you wrote something fecking stupid.
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