A rather annoying situation.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by mikardo58004, Apr 7, 2011.

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  1. So I've filled out my application form, got my birth cert. passport, and all the other things to prove that I'm not a terrorist or russian spy.

    But here is the annoying bit. All my secondary education certifactes (GCSE) are missing. BUT I do have photo copies of them all and have the originals for my NVQ level 3 and Diploma level 3 which require C's in english maths and science to acheive anyway. Will my photo copies be proof enough that I'm not a dullard? (Though losing the certificates in the first place could place me in that catagory anyway).

    P.S, the trade I want to join up to do is Ammo tech.
  2. PM The_IRON, or wait until he gets to work tomorrow.

    Slug Hugs xx
  3. blows sloppy kisses at Slugster.

    Just take in what you have got, you may find that you will be ok with them, ammo techs eventually have to go on an assessment board after they pass ADSC so the final decision will be with them. Worst case scenario when you get to that point you may have to speak with AQA or Edexcel to try and get copies....just show your Recruiter and they will advise with what you currently have.