A randy MP, a glamorous ex-wife - and the SAS!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by LAIT, Nov 13, 2009.

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  1. Edited.
  2. True or not (and the pics appear pretty damning) I bet he'll not be sleeping as soundly for the next little while.
  3. The photograph of Cameron Spence pointing to a map has got to be one of the worst made-up images I have ever seen. In these hardened financial times have The Sun started using Windows Paint to create their graphics?
  4. I was thinking that. It is fairly terrible.

    On another topic, how does this affect Keetch's ability to do his job. This has always puzzled me about politics. Doing drugs at university, or having sex with some random women doesn't prevent you from being a good politican. We all know politicians are slimy, so why do the papers act surprised when they're caught? 8O
  5. Estranged wife...........so a complete non-story.
  6. Yes, and no. The Right Hon. Keetch is still married, or so the story indicates. But that wouldn't allow the Sun to squeeze the word 'SAS' into the title.
  7. its more the fact the MP is cheating. the SAS bit is just added "flavour"
  8. I've nailed plenty of married ladies. So what?
  9. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    I was just about to do a cut and paste job on it, what a fucking abortion it is and thats a really dodgy "point to the map pose"
  10. Have you seen the photo of his wife?!?! If I were married to that I'd playing away aswell!
  11. You're my hero. No, really.
  12. Is he putting it on expenses? :twisted:
  13. Thanks.

    So is the outrage the fact that he's having an affair? So what? Thousand of people are having affairs. Get over it. Or is it because he's an MP, and having an affair? If so then is it ok for a binman (for example) to have an affair, but not a MP? What a crock of arrse.

    Or did your wife leave you for someone else because you can't get it up?
  14. The private life of politicians is a complete and utter non-story. How does his love life influence his political ability? It doesn't!

    From the article I gather some info which makes the news value even lower: Ms Spence is already separated from her husband. She works for our MP as a constituency case worker. So here we have an MP 170 miles from home in a some appartment with a MILF emplyee who's effectively single. They start having it off.
    The only newsvalue is that both are somewhat in the public eye: She used to be an author's wife and he's the LibDem Whip.

    So fucking what! Tell me about what's going in Sudan, or Liberia. or Sierra Leone. People are still killing each other there and we'll probably be deployed there next. Thousands are raped and murdered or dying of hunger. That's news.
  15. think you'll find most people are just shocked at the "windows paint" job. no-one is on the bus.