A.r.r.s.e new pope sweepstake kit


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They've had a couple of foreigners so I reckon the Ityies will want their popeship back, so I'm plumping for Paolo Romeo, Archbishop of Palermo. Italian and with the mafia putting the fix in for him...
Eye-tiddely kiddy fiddler eye-ties are on a papal losing streak of late, too much mafia shenanigans in the vatican bank with masonic executions under London bridges, kidnapped (presumed dead) daughters of bank officials, rockets for Argentina and mafia bosses being buried in vatican chapels with the pomp due a senior bishop etc, has made the non eyetallian kiddy fiddlers very nervous!
It's about time they had a darkie in the chief seat. What with the world going all huggy and PC lately, they're due some hue soon
Cleemis, Baselios India 01959-06-1515 June 1959 Major Archbishop of Trivandrum (Syro-Malankara Catholic Church), India and head of the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church.

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