A Quorn Sausage Omelette

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by gobbyidiot, Dec 6, 2008.

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  1. The freezer shop does 6 Quorn and Leek Pork style sausages for a quid - high protein low fat. I cooked the six and had three curried last night - not bad. Sliced the other three and cooked them in a three egg omelette for lunch on six slice of toasted wholemeal. 75g of protein all in, bread and omelette. Quite tasty and a good texture [although for some reason Quorn makes me really thirsty].

    A healthy alternative though - big sausage omelette butty, looks unhealthy, tastes ok (little bit dry), but on wholemeal it's actually really healthy. The sort of thing you might get a kid to eat, with enough ketchup.
  2. a sausage thats not meat? whats the point in that
  3. In other words, it tastes like shit until you douse it with something unhealthy.
  4. Now that the credit crunch is here ASDA and Tesco seem to have a trained pig who can run through the vats of sausage meat on stilts so that they can call it meat. That, or they get the pig sweaty and then wipe him down with the sausages :D
  5. If you can get a low salt ketchup the lycopene and betacarotene is actually really good for you - stops your prostate seizing up, so you can still whizz when you are old.

    On the subject of which my girlfriend at the time was finishing her medical training and they had an old bloke came in to casualty with a spacehopper full of pish under his bellybutton. When the prostate finally seizes your bladder will fill until it bursts. They had to ram a glass probe up his withered winky, knowing that at some point the resistance will suddenly give and the Claymore of urine goes off. One to avoid, I think.
  6. It is rather like alcohol free beer.