A quite tricky situation

Apologies for asking for assistance here, but this is an abnormal situation for us Navy chaps and it's an extremely rare occurence.

The short dit is that on the particular pay section I look after, there is a sailor who has been laid up in Headly Court for well over a year due to massive injuries. (The crux is that he's barely functioning, but is still alive.)

Both of his parents have given up work so that they can care for him and, as a result, this has left them all living on the really meagre wages of a junior sailor. Because I don't like the idea of this guy and his family being seen off, I was hoping that there was at least something that the parents could at least claim back.
I have heard that there is something knocking around, but because this is such a rare thing for the Navy to deal with, none of my colleagues are able to give me any kind of answer apart from "JSP 752"
The rest of the background I can give you is this:
The lad was injured in a car accident over a weekend, yet was not on leave and was given permission to go home by his Divisional Officer, so he wasn't AWOL. The reports that I have been able to see do not suggest any drink or drugs were involved.
His parents travel to Headley Court on a daily basis.

At present, this is the only information that I've been able to provide without having to divulge any personal details.

My real question is that I know there is something to cover this, but where on earth can I find it? I've scoured through the JSP 752 and can't find anything, unless there's something I've missed? If not the 752, then is it contained within some DIN or circular that I'm not aware of?

Any assistance will be gratefully received.


I know it will not provide a long term solution but are the RNBT aware of the situation?
They may be able to give some support whilst things are sorted out for the young man.
Not JSP, more State benefits -

See National Association of Carers:

Mum & Dad are reducing the strain on State caring services, there are allowances / fuel etc to be claimed. My missus gave up work to tend to mother when she was termnally ill, Carers allowances helped a little. Well, a lot actually, she was only two miles away but I think she got £40 a week in those days. MK


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I don't think Carer's Allowance can be claimed in this case. Carer's Allowance can be paid to 1 person providing at least 36 hours (or similar figure) of care per week to someone claiming Middle or Higher Rate Care component of Disability Living Allowance. However, as this sailor is in hospital, he can't claim DLA. I agree with other posetrs that service and carers' charities may be able to give more appropriate advice.
I'm not sure whether the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) payment apply - might be worth a shot.

Doesn't his (or the other party's) insurance cover care if VSI?

Definitely approach the Forces Charities - RN Benevolant Fund, SSAFA, H4H

National carer payments?

If he's at Headley Court, they're probably in the best place to advise. Sorry i can't give a definitive.
Hi Ladies and Gents,

Many, many thanks for the help offered. It actually prompted me to have a look in other places I didn't know existed. Like the JSP 751. What it looks like we may have to do is get him raised as a DILFOR in order to allow his parents to be allowed to claim mileage travel more than once a week.
But the other thing that did crop up is the potential of IE, which I'll be checking up on tomorrow. But it also reminded me that apart from the army, the Bootnecks might also be worth looking up for advice.

But again, thank you so much for providing other leads for me, as soon as I hear any news, good or otherwise, I'll be sure to pass it on.

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