A Quick Word of Thanks

Just a quick word of thanks, I am a civilian and have always been a civilian. However I am an expat working on an international technical aid project in Ukraine, working in the Contracts Department. The project I work on and what I do sounds quite outlandish (New Safe Confinement at Chernobyl). This makes me sound like a new species of Walt to some, to others it encourages them to even greater levels of Waltdom or pub boredom. I was explaining this to an acquaintance who recommended your website for information on Walts.

Gents you have given me a laugh and insight into the mind of the Walt.

Once again thanks for your Infamous Walts section.
Ignore the usual replies from the ghastly antipodians with their slack jaws and thieving ways and the uncouth requests for pictures. Come and have a nice chat to your uncle Shitehawk.

This containment malarkey, there wouldn't happen to be enough glow in the dark type stuff hanging around that you might be interested in selling an interested businessman would there?

I've several interested clients. One is a Russian chap who wishes to make a tea bag, another is an Arab gentleman who wishes to make some novelty fireworks.

PM me my friend, we shall talk.

Joshua Slocum

I also must thank you
had we had such a thing as this years ago it would have allowed those little trifling seeds of doubt in my mind to become clearer
many many years ago I worked up north in a sour cold place called Dundee, for some it was seen as promotion for others it was seen as a way of geting rid of idiots
I had this huge fella stayed in my digs and worked with me built like a brick shithouse glaswegian and barking
he swore he was in the army or had been in the army and his entire life was devoted to singing third reich songs, praising Hitlers final solution and moaning that he missed WW2 as he would have been an excellent german commando
praise where praise is due he knew all the words, played endless bloody marching songs and such hung his Swaztika up and his picture of uncle adolf and even kept his SS knives razer sharp
me I made fucking sure the door was never locked either
would he have been a walt ?
one or two glaring errors that I did detect even as a callow youth
he spoke not a word of german
not many Glaswegians joined the SS did they ?
oh and the bloody war had been over for 30 years
I never bothered to tell him our employer was a jewish owned and run company that may have been too much for him ??
I often wonder sometimes late at night wether he is wandering the hills still singing his songs
maybe he was just a bampot
Are you a female civilian, by any chance?

Just wondering, no reason...
It doesn't matter either way. Look at the job description:

The project I work on and what I do sounds quite outlandish (New Safe Confinement at Chernobyl).

Male or female they probably look like this:


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