A quick transfer in the TA

I have recently made a post about joining the TA during a Gap year and then transfering to the OTC. Since then I have been talking to people in the TA and OTC and have decided that while at University I would much rather be in an active TA unit not the OTC.

My question is would it be possible to join the TA now (still at college) train with my local regiment (6 RIFLES) and then transfer to the local regiment where I will be at university, in Southampton, which has an RA unit (106 Yeomanry). That would give me between, say, March 2010 - September 2010 with 6 RIFLES then be transfered. I could do the two week Phase 2 part of the training during the epic summer holiday after exams in late June.

Hope this makes sense.
Most likely, yes. Or you maybe told just to wait til you start uni and just join from the word go in Sept 2010 in Southampton.

Speak to 457 Bty in Southampton a couple of months before you are due to move there for uni.

The recruiting people there are quite easy to get a hold of and rather helpful.
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