A quick thank-you and a not so quick question.


First off, I just want to thank everyone who gave me advice last time I was around with regard to getting my weight up. I'm now a full 12 pounds heavier than when I began.. thus you've have kicked medical science's head in, because no dietician has acheived that. nice one.

So, now Im a full 7 pounds heavier than they asked for when I got deferred, I was given another set of papers to take to my doctor, a truly useless man who took no less than 3 weeks to tick a few boxes and sign his name.. he still got his £65 too.. barsteward.

Its now been two, maybe even two and a half, months since my papers went to ADSC. I was told at the AFCO that I should hear in 2 weeks and they'd write to me about taking my BARB again. After a month I phoned up and was told to be patient. Now however, Im getting pretty annoyed.

I don't know if this is true, but I heard a number of rumours that theres a backlog because the recession is forcing more and more people to consider a military career, all well and good, but I feel a bit jipped that after working my arrse off training and eating for over two years.. some spotty little gimp who has been fired from the chip shop could be holding up my application.. and in all honesty he only wants to sign up because the bloke at the dole office took away his fag money. I know of two such "spotty little gimps" from my tiny village alone.

One just decided he was going to sign up, because when he said it,people left him alone and didnt whinge about him being a jobless layabout. He's actually my friends younger brother and he was up for selection for the Scots Guards just last month.. he stumbled at that oh so difficult hurdle- the blowing into a cardboard tube test. I attribute this to his being a fat, chain-smoking, lazy salad dodger. His former drug use even triggered heart problems.. and even he got up there quicker than me, with fair minded consideration for a job in the infantry.

What is happening? and does anyone have any idea how long I'll be waiting? Working in a supermarket just isn't as much fun as those lying sainsbury's commercials would have you believe.. I swear my testicles retract a little more each day.. :S

any help is appreciated.
It's coming to the end of the Army year now and the AFCO's are a lot more busier than what they were this time last year, patience is a virtue.
You're lucky if you get in this year, recruitment has upped 70% (In the South at least) due to the reccesion people are getting laid off everyday and want a solid job which can provide decent income and 3 meals a day.


you mean this financial year, or this jan-dec year?

Im up north, not that that seems to improve my lot much.

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