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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Zarathustra, Jun 20, 2007.

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  1. Evenin' all,
    after alot of umming and ahhing and several posts around ARRSE with regaurds to transferring, i've finally put my transfer in to the Royal Engineers as ME C3 Systems.

    Having been a Regimental Signaller for the last 3 1/2 years i'm very familiar with the jobs signallers preform both in and out of camp. However, i have thought of a couple of questions, that i probably should've asked before putting my transfer in, these are:

    1) How are signallers in the RE placed in a unit? We have a Sigs Plt in HQ Coy with small dets in each company. Do you guys work in the same way, or does it depend on unit etc?

    2) Do signallers get much chance to do combat engineering in their units?

    They're nothing i'd change my mind over, i've tried searching the forums and the Army website and couldn't find the answer so thought i'd ask.

  2. no fecker gets much chance to do any knocking(cbt engr) anymore :x :x :x :x
  3. You could practice morse on ya balls.....before sending a SOS or MAYDAY!!!
  4. C-B,

    1. Yes, there is normally a C3S (or is it C4S, C4IS or something else now?), troop, located within the HQ Sqn. traditionally, these are hideously undermanned, however under BOWMONG this may change. There is also supposed to be a small C3S section in the field squadrons. That's the standard model, but things can be different in specialised units.

    2. Not really. You'll need to get up to B2 the same as everyone else, but B1 course spaces are limited, and you'll be fully employed, when deployed, as a signaller.
  5. Im a signaller in an HQ SQN. Our field Signallers are being attached to infantry units and out HQ signallers are being used in the Force Protection multiple, a few in MT as well, that's for going on tour, there will be a small CV, but we're not being used at lance jack and below for it.

    Been told theres no chance of getting on a B1 knocker, but I'm sure theres ways around it via troop commander.