A quick question.

I'm applying to join the Army, (Infantry - Light Div / Para as backup), and I've got a quick question.

It says to include a passport number, now the bloke down at my local AFCO is trying to rush my application through (2 Weeks) due to my current situation (It sucks), but this could be a problem. Do you actually NEED a passport to apply?

Why not ask the bloke down the AFCO?
I never needed a passport to apply, just a form of ID (Birth certificate) you DO need a passport to take with you into training though, its on my list (50 odd squid for a passport :()
Hmm...Give him a quick ring in the morning, and see what he has to say....

As far as I'm aware (and I could be wrong) you dont need a passport to join, but once you're trained you will do, so best to get it out the way ASAP.....
I see no reason for the "current situation" to be spoken of, as its already been said that it does have a bearing on his haste. No need to embarras her/him
I was thrown out by the 'rent a few days back, and am currently living with the fiancee's parents.

Not a happy situation for anyone involved.

I scored an 81 on the BARB test, apparently that's good. :D
If you need one fill the form out + photos and send it special request via the post office - turnaround time about 2 weeks costs a little extra but worth the queue jump!

The passport is merely one of the prefered forms of ID, you do not need it to join. Birth Certificate, Drivers Licence, Academic Quals etc are all acceptable. The recruiter is required to verify your ID. Passports are expensive so if you wait till you're in, the army will pay for one for you anyway and my strong advice is to get as much money from the system as you can to make up for the treasury inspired rip offs you will face.

As for your job, go for Para first with Light Inf as backup. If you find the Airborne is not for you, its easy to go to another Regiment. If you do it the other way round, they will make it difficult for you to transfer to the Reg.
See, the Sarge down at the AFCO said to do it the opposite way around. I want to be active, and I want a frontline role, my aspiration is Sniper (I know it's nigh on impossible to achieve, but I need at least one goal to fail :D!) eventually - and I was told Light Div would be best for this.
The Sarge at the AFCO wouldn't be Lt div by any chance would he? Take it from me he is deliberately giving you the wrong advice and is playing a numbers game. If you fail P Coy you WILL have the choice of transfering to Lt Div, if you go Lt Div you will have great difficulty in getting to go Para.

You are going to have to be firm but politie with your recruiter and insist that you want to go Para. The RSC physical selection may weed you out anyway in which case you will get your second choice. If you have aspirations to be a sniper The Reg is the best chance you have of meeting it anyway. The first obstacle on the road is insisting to your recruiter what you want. If you haven't got the balls to do that, then you ain't suitable Airborne material anyway. Good luck whatever you decide.
The Paras have a sniper section too. Is the Recruiting Sgt Light Infantry by any chance? The buggers will do anythingto 'encourage' you to join their own outfits :)
1. Passport not obligatory but get one anyway as soon as possible.
2. If you really want to go Para then stick to your guns irrespective of what the recruiting Sgt says.


As ex LI I can verify most of whats been said, go airborne, then if you flop, the Rifles can always give you lots of options. As an aside, passports are not legally mandatory for UK residents so let the MOD provide. I had travelled as a schoolboy in the 70's and I had a passport that gave occupation as student, the army confiscated it as a brat at IJLB and I didnt get it back for 2 years. If its needed they will issue it, trust me anything you get nowadays will be light years ahead of what we had as ours was to previous generations. Good luck!
Adjutant said:
Is it just me but doesn't the firm pay for your passport once your in? On account of you needing to travel with them?
The Army will pay if you are applying for a passport specifically to enable you to deploy on ex/ ops. First applications only. I don't think that they will pay for renewals.

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