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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by PrinceAlbert, Jan 1, 2012.

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  1. Can some pay guru out there let me know we get paid this month?
  2. You were funny when you were younger.
  3. Yes we will get paid this month. But it will be in Bafs.
  4. Yes your Royal Highness, you are getting paid this month. :nod:
  5. All work,No pay makes Bertie unhappy boy...Happy New Year...
  6. He doesn't deserve to get paid. The daft twat doesn't even know where Scotch Corner is, the shandy drinking poof.
  7. By 'eck, last time I went to Scotch corner were on the back of a Tiger Cub motor bike.
  8. Pay you say. You want paid for sitting around doing nothing. Bloody youngsters today
  9. Scotch Corner,,the fork in the road that leads to Nowhere Land.......

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  10. Well...me...a stab...3rd of January...
  11. That made sense.
  12. Its been a long night, im surprised I even spelt it correctly.
  13. wah shield up.

    you will get paid one 12th of your annual wage as it stands + / - any allowances / deductions you are due / owe.

    same as it ever is.

    wah shield down.

    happy new year.
  14. Scotch Corner twinned with Watford Gap. Both have confusing names.

    Like the family who arrived at Watford gap services asking where the town centre of Watford is. Like the new squaddie arriving at the scotch corner hotel and asking where the distillery was.
  15. He's not in the Army anymore, and you just fell for it.

    PA, stop sending me filthy photos of you. You know I'd be all over that purty mouth of yours like a rash, but unfortunately you've been with enough tramps to get most diseases known to man.

    If you text me one more photo of your hairy bumcheeks, I will sell it for charridy.