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Discussion in 'ACF' started by cpunk, Jan 26, 2009.

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  1. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Do AI's in Para Regt affiliated ACF dets were the maroon beret or the dark blue one?
  2. nice try :wink:
  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    or maroon.
  4. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    No-duff answer:

    If ex Para Regt/ABF then maroon. If not, blue with Para regt cap badge. Therefore, all of the ex cadets who never really leave but just buy their kit in bigger sizes for use as an AI can be clearly identified!


  6. meaning? No offence intended...

    however I think the duke explained it abit better than me and beat me to it when he explained you can wear it if you've earnt it.

    I was getting my personal opinion confused with the facts.... I though it was only the para trained that could wear 'the' maroon beret.... but i gather in recent years thats changed. But seriously there was an interesting thread on capbadges in the ACF a few days ago.
  7. IIRC If its an AI and ditto for Cadets, they wear Navy Blue Beret with Para Badge, in some cases with a red backing, this is to distinguish them from the Maroon lot, There are ex Paras wearing them which is fine same for wings, however the ACF is not the Army.

    I find ex Paras to be ok, not all ex Paras continue to wear Maroon Beret and wings , they instead wear the same Badge as the Cadets they are with, they wished to identify with the Cadets and create a Mutual esprit de Corps.
  8. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Is there anything ACF related that you will not spout your opinion on?

    The question was about Para Regt sponsored detachments, not any other units which may or may not have ex Para Regt AIs. Your comments are based on "IIRC", mine are fact.

    What you think is "fine"about the dress of ex Para Regt AIs is not relevant, and I defy you to waddle up in your Postman Pat kit and sign your opinion to them.
  9. Hang on a Minute, I was supporting your response and added more information, some cadet detachment also wear red backing behind the Cap badge, depends on different Counties.

    OK !! pr1ck
  10. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Thanks postie, but I don't need your support, or your opinion.

    So different counties dictate dress regs? I have never, ever seen a Para Regt cadet with a red cap badge backing. This is based on being an inspecting officer for detachments in all 4 London sectors and Essex.
    I am not convinced that it is different anywhere else.

    If I want some information about the delivery times for a second class letter I will make sure I ask you. I have never been a postie, and any knowledge I have of it is incidental at best, so anything I offer is an opinion based on no personal knowledge.

    Perhaps you could think about doing the same for questions about the army and Para Regt.
  11. won't bother next time, If I were to have relevent information, something really useful, I will be sure to keep it to myself.
  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    As I have more chance of winning the lottery than you have of having any information which would be relevant or useful, it will be no great loss.
  13. fcuk duke and semper this is like steppin out of macdonalds at 2 in the mornin on a friday night to be confronted with a good row, were all on the same side aint we. (it this the part where i get a verbal bashing) :slow:

    My opinion would be AI's with previous (as in exreg/ta) should have the choice of keeping their previous capbadge, not too sure about AI's with no previous mil experiance wearing reg cap badge but there again I know little about civi AI's or their abilities so it wouldnt be fair for me to comment. Cadets on the otherhand, surely they should have something to aspire to, as they are not in the army or have not completed basic training I'm of the opinion that they should be identified as cadets not soldiers.

    I'm not anti ACF I think it's a great idea for the army to sponsor young adults, indeed it's ashame the both the ACF & Armed Forces can't do more to recruit in schools.

    Feel free to start throwing insults after i've left...
  14. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Not at all,

    The original question asked about head dress worn by AIs at Para Regt ACF detachments, which I answered. I am a staunch supporter of the ACF and work closely with many of our sponsored detachments. Their AIs who have previous service in the airborne forces wear maroon, those who don't (including female AIs) - blue with Para Regt cap badge as per the cadets.

    I have no issue with them wearing it, as it is the designated cap badge and head dress of their unit, and helps foster good relationships between the cadets and the Regt.

    Semper on the other hand is a fuckwit of the highest order, self appointed guru of all matters ACF who has never spent a day of his life in any form of military organisation. On the basis of this massive experience, he feels qualified to lecture experienced soldiers on how things are done.

    Top tip - read through his early post history and you will find him holding court on all matters weapons, kit, clothing, service etc whilst withholding the key information that he is medically unsuitable for service and his experience is limited to the ACF.

    In short, he should be taunted and abused at every possible opportunity as the paperboy bluffer that he is.