A quick question about newly commissioned Int officers

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Superman, Nov 30, 2005.

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  1. I've just been looking on the new army website Int Officer page and found this.

    ""Following Sandhurst you will be attached to a combat unit to develop your understanding of the Army as a whole."

    and this

    "Your initial appointment will be as a junior commander in a combat arm before taking up your first appointment within the Intelligence Corps."

    Could someone explain how exactly one would be attached and what one's role would be in a combat arm. Also it states that an officer would be a "junior commander in a combat arm"..I might be being thick but does that mean you would serve as a platoon/squadron/troop commander for a while before going to Int corps?

  2. yep, 6 months in an inf platoon on operations is quite normal. and a damn good idea.
  3. "6 months in a inf platoon"

    So would that be as a platoon commander, or is there a 2ic or similar position allocated for Int officers?
  4. as a platoon commander. gives you a good 6 month grounding in just being in the army and looking after blokes.

    and believe me, it pays off. the difference between our officers and those from some other capbadges (who don't do this) is quite marked.

    personally i think every corps should do it. it makes a world of difference to the standard of officer we get.

    and i dont think it is ever just barracks stuff - it will be somewhere like NI, Balkans, Afghanistan (don't know if they do it in Iraq too? anyone know?)
  5. Not just for officers either. Attachment to an infantry unit (again normally 6 months) used to be be available to support arm JNCOs to enhance leadership and green skills, especially if they were going along the potential officer route. I had a mate who did this and went to NI with a jock infantry unit and ended up being awarded an MID.

    Might be different nowadays - this was back in the late 80s.
  6. I get the impression the "superman" is getting a little nervous about showing his leadership skills and command authority infront of the nasty teeth arm men - we don't bite - honest.
  7. You think he chose Int as a soft option? Sort of like " I want to be a rough tough soldier and get lots of money, but I don't want to fight"?
  8. Don't the AAC do the same thing?

    I spent 6 months with an inf unit having left sandhurst thinking it was the last thing I wanted to do. Had an awsome time and nearly stayed!!!
  9. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    When I did it, it was for a year, which I spent with a resident bn in NI. A very rapid growing up process and well worth it.
  10. erm.. no.

    the occasional one does if holding for his pilots course, but this is very much the exception.
  11. A very excellent Glaswegian Corps colleague of mine was so keen to get into the fighting in Granby that he volunteered to the Staffords (I think) to go as their Int SNCO. They took him up on the offer and he had an excellent tour and an excellent time! It helped that his sociopathic nature and toothless grin scared the feck out all who didn't know him - and some that did!