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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by gaz-hell, Apr 24, 2006.

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  1. Im getting posted soon from NI to the south of england , and as a result will need to spend some time in hotels along the way while waiting for the removals to be delivered . ive been told by the civvies in my pay office im entiltled to four nights in hotels at public expence but have to pay for the hotels and food myself then claim it back when I get to my new unit . However when I got posted to NI my old unit gave me an allowence proir to moving that covered the costs of hotels and food and I posted them my recipts back as proof .Does any one know where I stand and which is the correct procedure to follow? any help would be greatfully recived :? :?
  2. Hi

    I was in a similar situation a few years ago. The Chief Clerk stated that I would be entitled to 3-4 nights hotel accommodation. The hotel was going to cost £112 per night, due to the locality of the hotel and my work place I decided that I would book my accommodation instead. If you choose this approach I think you are entitled to £50 per day " you pay first then claim back later ", all I needed was a Travel Lodge so the £50 covered that. If you do book independently make sure you do it with the advice from your CC otherwise if done incorectly you may find yourself out of pocket. As it was I was able to manage 12 nights due to a cock up with quarter allocations. "I believe if the CC makes the booking then there is no cost to you if you go with the given choice of hotel" you will only have to claim back the food charges at that time it was set at £20 per day per person. Hope this help and good luck with the move.
  3. Your losing unit should book the hotels as B&B for you on their UIN using CHBS. For your other feeding costs you will have to refer to the new entitlements under JSP752, but I believe it has now changed to 'actuals' - in which case you feed yourselves (no doubt within a certain limit) and then present your receipts for reimbursement.

  4. The way your old unit was an unofficial way to give you what you are due which does not inconvenience your new unit - they obviously trusted you!! The correct way is for your current unit to give you an advance of travel of up to 100% of anticipated subsistence costs using MOD Form 300, the advance is then transferred to your new unit and then deducted once you make your claim which you must put in less than 31 days from the end of the period you are claiming for. This is all dependant on the unit you are posted to playing the game but they should not have a problem with it. It doesn't matter who books your hotels but you should use CHBS to enable you to claim the maximum back - the claim does not come off either unit's budget. Under the new rules you must keep hold of all receipts to support your claim at the other end You will be entitled to Night Subsistence (NS) which covers B&B actuals and Day Subsistence (DS) @ up to £21.00 per person (dependant on receipts!) to cover lunch & evening meal. You should check with the unit you are posted to - preferably the FSA - to make sure they are happy with the arrangements you are making - nothing worse than tipping up ready to put your claim in only to face the old "we don't do it like that" If you need any further help or clarification - they haven't made it easy! - feel free to PM me.
  5. Sorry, but I've read this a few times and I simply don't understand the sentence.... Could you clarify?
  6. Basically what they did was to pay your claim in advance which works but is not "by the book" if you were not to produce the receipts etc they would be left in the s$%&. Like I said, the official way is for your old unit to give you an advance on an MOD F300 which is then transferred to your new unit who then deduct the amount of the advance from your claim, if you don't submit a claim they then have authority to recover the advance from your pay!
  7. Am I right in thinking that RAOs used to be restricted to paying a maximum proportion (something like 75%) of the claim as an advance? If so, does this still apply?
  8. Used to be 80% this has now changed to "up to 100%" in JSP 752