A quick query on RLC LE officers

Discussion in 'Officers' started by depot_donkey, Jun 5, 2009.

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  1. I have heard a rumour that the RLC only promote to Captain from WO1, unless you have a degree in which case you can gain an LE at WO2, is this true?
  2. I doubt whether the degree is the governing factor. I do know a lot of Corps/Regts will only consider commissioning from WO1 though. AGC will accept LE commission applications from SSgts though if I remember correctly.
  3. RLC only commission from WO1 regardless of any degree.
  4. Sgts I think - although I am not entirely sure.
  5. According to the last DIN I saw you are correct in that ETS will accept applications from SNCOs with an Honours Degree.

    SPS - not sure

    RMP is WO1's I think