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A question...

... for the musically minded. I, very greatfully, received a version of Highland Cathedral from Still21inmymind, thanks mucker, and it sounded a bit quicker than the versions I have from Scots Guards and Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. Is this due to different quick march paces that some units have. The version I have from Still21inmymind, I think, comes from the Booties. Any assistance on this is appreciated.

It's probably the disco mix. Why not download from the net?

Royal marches at the same pace as the Army, just less foot slamming, save they put their foot through the deck.

Great tune though - sends shivers!
Never was meant for marching. First performed by massed bands in Berlin in 199? as a set piece and has been much murdered since by too small a number of pipes - it demands volume.
@ Bambi, that is something else I was hoping for clearance on, as to when it is used.

@ anyone... Has anyone slow marched to it cause it sounds like it could lend itself to this. Without googling, what is the history behind this piece of music?

It's an anthem for all militant republican porridge wogs - even though I'm led to believe it was composed by a Kraut!

I think I/we slow marched to it during the Commissioning parade at RMAS, can't remember - the emotion!! Second thoughts, maybe it was played in the background during the seven hour inspection phase?

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