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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by cossie1990, May 26, 2005.

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  1. hey all im 15 years old and looking to join the army first of all i wanted to be a gunner but i realise i need a trade and qualifications for after the army and the royal signals interests me. But i was wondering do sigs ever have to take on secondary roles like infantrymen and see alot of combat?

    thanks in advance,
  2. got to be a wind up :lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. cossie I thought you wanted to join the RA and work on AS40
  4. dear cossie,
    depending on what trade / regt / div / squadron you end up in depends on the area in a battle field you may end up in.eg. arrc forward is a forward hq unit for the alied rapid reaction corps and can be within a set distance of the forward or front line...some relay sites can be " on there own " out in the sticks and need to defend themselves........some squadrons in the corps are more specilized , para , sas , etc etc and they can work in the thick of it all...but some trades you will never need to leave a camp/base to do your job....my advice to you is , unlike me , learn to spell first. and secondly get yourself to your local ACIO . or look out for royal signals display teams this year at county shows etc.
  5. Sounds like the little fella needs to learn a little more, to young to make the decsions, maybe you could ask your parents. :p

    cHEERS 2cb
  6. these guys are bunch of bastards

    there is plenty of oppurtunity to see front line action as anyone who was in the gulf when there was a war to fight will know, I was with 216 and 3 cdo and other guys were helping the Main battle tanks out giving support to them.

    and if u want front line action all the time consider 264 or an entirely different corps
  7. well said shakes and if anyboby can remember the first gulf war us at 7 bde might as well been infantry and if thats what you want wrong corps matey
  8. Cossie,
    I'd say that they're are plenty of things preferential to being shot at whilst doing your job. However, if you feel the need and the signals is your preferred corp for a trade, you could a lot worse than getting a funny coloured lid and serving with some of the infantry types.
    Having said that, I am assured by my friends in the other areas of the corp, that you're plenty likely to see a bit of action no matter what trade you take up, with perhaps the exception of stores personnel.
    Point to note if you do join up, stores are for storing things in. And all kit being stored in said stores, is the personal equipment of the storeman in it. So I wouldn't go there if you're after a bit of kit issuing, but its quite a good waste of a morning if you like to see the shiny things on shelves (and no, honest to God I'm not a bitter man! :x )
  9. Since when do 264 have constant front line action? 8O
  10. Allegedly there was a lot of front line action in the 264 Bashas on saturday lunchtimes, when everyone else was either at scran or downtown on the pop.
    The lithe runner's lycra-clad bodies glistened in the late morning sun, as they headed back to an empty camp after their saturday morning run...... :oops:

    Apart from that there are probably still a lot of "front line " suntans about.


    Everyone in the army has a secondary role like an infantryman, you only need to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.