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Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Sloberdan_Mikochyerbich, Jan 20, 2005.

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  1. As you chaps have seen across the board, did an airliner hit the Pentagon on 11th of Sept 2001? If so, please tell us of the facts and evidence. If you do not believe this to be true, be assured that you'll be safe in your anonimity by posting your opinions here. You have to try and ignore any 'News' bullitins and 'factual pictures' of the time and tell us what you actually think. As you'll be aware, there is a bit of speculation to this event. We know very well to the eye witness events of the Twin Towers but the Pentagon attack has quite a few 'questions' still to be answered. What say you guys?
  2. You're a nutting fcuker...do you happen to have frog in ya?

    As for the Pentagon...your right it wasn't a plane it was Vinnie's uncle Mario. Mario was prohibitted from selling his hot dogs at the Pentagon, so he loaded his push cart with explosive and rammed it in to the side of the building.
  3. Ive heard rumours that it was a car bomb and one that it was a US anti aircraft missile, the hole in the side of the building didnt look like a whole aircraft went through it.
  4. oh yeah and stand by to have our septic contingent to attack you for supporting the forces of satan and not believing what their glorious leader has said happened.
  5. Is this a wind up?

    And ctauch is correct, the mob did it. The military was going to start renovating the Pentagon, and the goombas were afraid they would find Jimmy Hoffa's body, so they destroyed the evidence.
  6. I heard it was the US Navy who did it by firing a tomahawk at the Army offices to get back at them for stealing their American football trophy.

    Could have been terrorists though.
  7. Geez, Slobby Dan..

    dig up old news why don't you?..
    everyone knows what really happened.. just check out www.secretcabal.com or go to www.newworldorder.net..

    Bush Junior wanted to whack Iraq for a long time to pay back the towelheads for how they made his dad look bad back in GWI, but didn't have any excuse to do it..

    When the terrorists conveniently blew up the WT towers, Bush/Rumsfeld conspirators wanted to hit back, but the Joint Chiefs weren't interested in a ' big war '..too risky FIBUA and OBUA etc.. high personnel loss efforts..

    So Bush's handlers put into place Plan B and had a bomb tossed into the Pentagon [ hence the time lag between the planes hitting New York and the blast in Washington ] to ' convince ' the Generals that it was time to get on with it..

    Obviously they got the message because Saddam is gone and the quagmire has opened..

    You're about 5 conspiracies behind, boy...got to keep up..We're now working on a whole new secret invasion that goes past invading Iran and Syria [ once the rumours become public, you know they've moved on to other plans - regular folk are habitally 2 conspiracies behind the leading edge ]..

    now, if you really want to delve beneath the sheets... Think how the US is going to justify pulling the plug on the Iraqi elections when the votes are cast and the Shiites waltz into power and repudiate all the ' democratic reforms' the Americans want to see [ women having the vote, for one ]...
    remember France in Algeria?..
  8. Sloberdan; For what it's worth. I Seen it (the Pentagon) on the morning of September 11, 2001, with my own eyes, ........burning.
  9. A National Guard C-130H aircraft had just taken off from Reagan National Airport (in Wash., DC) when it was directed to identify and follow the hijacked airliner, as it was closest in proximity. The C-130H pilot spotted and identified the airliner as a Boeing 757, then followed it. The C-130's aircrew watched and reported as the airliner, American Airlines 77, ploughed into the Pentagon.

    By extrapolation, based upon the known length of the airliner, and the security camera photos (showing an airliner...not a missile), combined with the time lapse between photos, it was estimated that AA77 hit the Pentagon at 530 mph.

    I wasn't there, and I have no conspiracy theory to offer up. Therefore I cannot dispute what reportedly happened.

    But, of course, that's the "official" story. The news presenters all reported the same, and, as you know, news outlets NEVER lie....:twisted:

    My fevered mind is still wondering why you lot got drawn into a war concerning something that didn't even happen on UK soil. :?: Why did PM B-liar commit HM forces? For the bloody exercise?!
  10. cos bLiar is a arrse licking lap dog who saw this as an ideal opportunity to get his name into the history books.
  11. My fevered mind is still wondering why you lot got drawn into a war concerning something that didn't even happen on UK soil

    What, WWII?

    Or are you a bit more up to speed?
  12. As I've said before, I saw the whole thing with me own eyes. I was sitting on the lawn at the Pentagon drinking a Pepsi early that morning when a large missile slammed into the Pentagon. It was going pretty darn fast, but I clearly saw "Property of the USA" stenciled on the side. I crushed my Pepsi can and ran to rescue everyone of the survivors single-handedly. And that's how it happened, I swear! :D

    Psst, Mr. Fox, how goes the quest for the perfect breasts? :wink:
  13. Yankenstein,

    look at our history - always game for a bit of a rumble. Always like to be their at kick off.
  14. We still need a good explanation of how the first moon landing was staged.
  15. I'll get my PR Department right on that one. :D