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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Jailorinummqasr, Sep 7, 2006.

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  1. Following a debate this evening......In the event of a political crisis in blighty...do we the HM Armed Forces obey the Monachy or the PM?

    Witty, original or factual thoughts welcomed!
  2. There is no 'debate'. The Oath of Allegiance is utterly clear. If you don't stand by your solemn promises then your are a liar and a scoundrel, and should resign forthwith and go and work in the media or as a salesperson.
  3. Well said Dilfor; however, IF there were a choice, there is only one of the list I'd have second thoughts about obeying implicitly... To give you a clue it's not HM the Queen, or any of the military.
  4. I would certainly be interested in the results of this, its an intriguing question.

    Its just a shame that out of ARRSE's 19k membership, we never seem to get more than about 100 people taking part in polls.
  5. That's because there are only 100 real arrsers. The other 18,900 work for GCHQ.

    BTW, who voted for obeying the PM?
  6. Dilfor et al,

    Yes it is seemingly obvious as my certificate clearly state whom I'm loyal to.

    The quetsion arose whilst talking with US officer about our constitutional arrangements. He asked who would you obey if the PM (Churchill) had ordered you to the beaches and the King (Goerge V had he not abdecated) had ordered the Armed Forces to stand-down against the Germans.

    Apart from the obvious fact that this would be a constitution crisis to end them all. If that situation arose, some judgement maybe required.

    A very hypothetical question I know.
  7. God Save Our Queen - she's the only one I swore allegiance to!
  8. That is a VERY loaded question. Your predisposed to answer in favour of Churchill because his action is the ‘right’ one, as it is the choice to defend ourselves and one would logically make. If you flip it round and Churchill wanted to give up, then suddenly you side with HM. The question is biased and actually renders the party’s useless, as your always going to pick the same side, and your not making your choice on who you think is the right choice, instead your making it on the supposed action they would take, when logically both party’s would do the same thing. Your predisposting the polle to a choice.

    Really you need a fairer situation/question, hard to find I know, but if you use a loaded one the results will be skewed.
  9. You mentioned political crisis in Blighty. I'd obey both HM and my CO. On behalf of the crown we overthrow the Government, blazing into No. 10, filling every politician we see with 5.56, taking no prisoners, beheading Cheri Blair and planting her head at the top of Downing Street. Please let there be a political crisis in Blighty!
  10. The question was not intended to be loaded. And has been editted accordingly and is below.

    He asked who would you obey if the PM (Churchill) had ordered the Armed Forces to the beaches and the King (Goerge V had he not abdecated) had ordered the Armed Forces to stand-down against the Germans.
  11. Surely it would depend on the crisis that lead to the query?

    Are the Pm and the monarch opposing one another in a cavaliers and roundheads affair, Or is Tony taking the p!ss and the Queen telling him to behave?

    Oh and Im a civi so id sit on the fence and support the side with the most guns!
  12. No question at all....

    Her Maj. End of story. This country is her life.... unlike some of the mistakes we have chosen to elect....
  13. I voted for The Queen (if that makes sense, strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government!)

    Glad to see some many members doing likewise.

    I am a Royalist, and not ashamed of it.
  14. Obey the Monarchy. HM we love, Blair we hate. It's as straight forward as that.
  15. The Queen, No Question especially if she ordered the politicians aginst the wall. Have done security at some of the party conferences(still feel dirty) so have met most of the Labour and Conservative top bods in passing and most are a waste of skin, oxygen and food. Exceptions are Maggie, Boris Johnson (comedy value, seeing him pissed was a highlight) and Anne Widdicombe who is a Blo**y nice woman (Yes MDN I Would sort that virginity issue for her)