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Dear Points of View,

My daughter has come over to stay for the festive period from the UK and being a good soldier I completed the correct sponsorship forms prior to her arrival ensuring that she was entitled to the usual NAAFI entitlement and (Annex C) FREE MEDICAL TREATMENT.

A couple of days ago she had to go to the MRS as she was suffering from intolerable ear ache in both ears, she produced her sponsorship form and even her E111 and the Doctor said.............. 'Sorry we can not treat you as the MOD are cutting back on these sort of things!' Now without wanting to lose decorum on this site can somebody please provide me with some advice or explanation as to how the FvCK this can happen? For Christ sake it was earache we were not asking for her to receive care under BUPA, just bloody ear drops. Why bother with the relevant paperwork and E111 cards if the Doctor in the MRS says that due to the MOD cutting down we cannot treat you, supposing it was something more than ear ache and actually she had perforated ear drum? The mind boggles.

I would appreciate to know where this directive is laid down that highlights the fact that the MOD are cutting down on medical treatment and that gives the medical services the instruction to not treat, I would be interested indeed, so, I am sure would the tabloids!

Any pointers/advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
You don't say where yuo are but I presume it's BFG, in which case the E111 is applicable to civvy doctors. She can go to a German and use the facility. Whether it applies to MOD is another matter, probably not or abyone holidaying in germany with an E111 could call at any military establishment for treatment.
It used to state on our part one orders that any friends/relatives should fill out the E111 and use the civvie doctors. It was quite specific that they could not use military facilities.
I am not, nor have I ever been involved in the provision of medical service to forces personnel or their dependants, but;

It sounds to me that someone, i.e. the doctor has been a little over zealous, (Although I may be out of date).

And I also understand that it, the E111 was for use when you were not in easy reach of a military medical facility.

I had relatives (Although it was just over 2 years ago now), who were properly sponsored and used the facilities in JHQ. In fact they used to be given a card, both written in English and German, which highlighted that the British Government would cover any medical bills in the event of an accident and treatment/hospitalisation was required.

I am assuming that the medical problem was minor and cannot see why they did not treat your daughter.

Had it been more serious however, I would of been glad of the facilities afforded by the German health care providers, as BFG medical facilities have been seriously obliterated.

Maybe we have now reached the thin end of the wedge and that's just the way it is.

I personally would write to those responsible, if but for nothing else, to get an explanation.

If medical care, (For bonified sponsored individuals) is not available at Medical Centres, as most people I know, believe it is, I would also write to the 'letters page' of the 'Sixth Sense', to make sure that the lack of provision of basic medical care under these circumstances, is widely publicised.

Individual familly members of BFG personnel, when fully sponsered also fall under military law. In orther words can be dealt with by the Service Police, (Or at least they used to).

They, (G1/J1) cannot to my mind, have it both ways.
nottyash said:
I had relatives (Although it was just over 2 years ago now), who were properly sponsored and used the facilities in JHQ. In fact they used to be given a card, both written in English and German, which highlighted that the British Government would cover any medical bills in the event of an accident and treatment/hospitalisation was required.
The card referred to is supposed to be issued to service personnel/entitled UKBC only, though I can remember that some unit welfare offices used to give them to visitors in error. Visiting relatives can get emergency primary care from the military, but that's all. There's no provision for topping up routine medication, for example.

Given that all the hospital facilities used by the mil in Germany are civilian, it's common sense to make sure that visiting relatives have both EHIC and insurance. EHIC doesn't cover repatriation, so insurance is a must.
ViroBono is spot on.

Medical care from MOD sites is only authorised from certain sites although some medical centres have been providing it in erroneously. Had just the odd visitor turned up for occasional treatments, this may never have been noticed. However, the blatent misuse of the system by some has brought it to the attention of the powers that be. I gather that there is a directive due to be published, if not already out, that will remind medical staff of the actual entitlements to visitors.

Please remember that Medical resources are not finite and that we are only manned/funded to treat service personnel and recognised entitled personnel. Not unauthorised civilians. If we over use resources on non-entitled personnel we may end up in a situation where serving personnel are denied the level of care to which they are entitled.

All your points have been read and taken note of thank you.

It is true that the form from SOBA(G) that is known as the sponsorship form that should be filled out when sponsoring a close relative on a visit says 'FREE MEDICAL TREATMENT IN CASE OF EMERGENCIES' the concern I will raise through the correct channels and of course through the Sixth Sense (a good protal to get on my soapbox in!) what is their definaition of Emergency?

Should the services only be avaiable in cases of life threatening situations then quite obviously the patient would seek assistance from the very professional German medical system, however, does a person suffering from intolerable ear ache in both ears consitute an emergency? Or does the pain barrier have to be even more intense than that of ear ache, which for those who have had it can be pretty damm sore.

I intend to write and seek an explanation as to how this can be so, I fear that with the 'tempo' of things going on around us at present that cut backs have to be made in other areas to save on money, budgetry constraints etc...

I am aware that this has happened to another member of the community whose grand daughter (a baby) was rather poorly, yet they were referred to the local hospital.

I will pen my letter this week to the Sixth Sense and see whether I get a logical response as to why ALL the forms are wrong (according to the duty nurse in the JHQ MRS) and why simple pain relief for what I would certainly not consider 'routine' matters can not be provided.

Thanks again


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