A question regarding no2 dress

Discussion in 'RLC' started by smudge77, Oct 30, 2007.

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  1. i am just finding out which infantry badge i wear on my number 2 dress, i am currently a driver in the rlc, but am a fully trained infantry soldier transfered from para's, therefore am intitled to wear the badge on my left sleeve. i am just wondering as i have been told there are 2 different ones 1 = a diamond with a dagger in, or 2 = an oval reef with dagger in. can anyone in-lighten me as there is no-where on the net that says
  2. Do you have a QMs store?
  3. yeah i do m8, but there as much use as an inflateable dart board plus most of em are in afghan at the mo
  4. Why don't you ask on the inf forum?
  5. It all depends whether you were a Class 1 or 2 Inf soldier. 1 dagger = Cl 2, dagger with wreath = Cl 1.

    For further up, just in case you did qualify, a diamond with 2 daggers = SCBC and 2 daggers with wreath = PSBC.

  6. dagger x 2 (in the back) = Pet Op SNCO.............
  7. You forgot the pins in the eyes as well!