A question on security.

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Fraser, Jul 9, 2007.

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  1. I have just popped over to the Signals forum to see what the techs are moaning about this week...blah, blah, blah.

    I've edited this post and deleted the link because I don't want to draw any more attention to it.
  2. No - or were you planning to complain about the well-publicised return of Rfn Pun VC? The question surely should be - who the fcuk would want to go?
  3. No problem but it is refreshing to see the message from the new security minister(?) has got through to one person at least about snitching on your neighbours.
    PS; Do one.
  4. In simplest terms, this is just a public military event that has received advance publicity. In that respect, it is no different to a military band playing at a public concert, sponsored run or anything else similar that has been advertised in the papers.
  5. combatintman and Slightly_Nasty,

    Edited because I was in danger of doing what I had intended to avert. I've pm'd you both.


    Surely my neighbour would need to have done something wrong to be snitched on. :wink:

    it is difficult to tell, but the smiley is actually mouthing 'cock' to hairyhandbag as it winks
  6. As SN suggests if a PME has been registered, then appropriate risk management procedures will be applied.

    As a sometime visitor to the darkside I can't say I'm surprised. However, I don't think the grey side would be quite so trusting of their fellow man :oops:

    Gladys, can I have your Saville Row tweeds and Lewis Leathers jacket if you buy one, before you get back Blighty-side?
  7. Of course the appropriate risk management procedures have been applied:

    I have sent my cheque, details as follows:
    name - Mohammed something-or-other
    bank - International Jihad Bank
    branch - Paisley
    address - High Street Paisley etc. etc.
  8. Looks like a Nigerian interweb scam to me - send money...tickets to follow. PRI obviously struggling to flog t-shirts this year.
  9. They could just change the colour of those ******* horses again, that should get profits on the move... :roll:
  10. Good to see you're yer cynical self still fella :)
  11. What do you mean, they used to issue toms with 2 ponies for 3 shirts and 2 jkts. :roll:
  12. Judging by the last (first) one, the chances of anyone not known to 75% of those attending making it past the front door are close to nil. High impact, vanishingly low probability, hence low risk :)

    I'll swap my tweeds for your very smart tonic suit and big loafers, all right?