A question on leases

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Zarathustra, Jul 18, 2012.

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  1. Zarathustra

    Zarathustra Guest

    My ex left me last month and I moved back into the block, she told me that she would be staying in the property and therefore she would be sorting out having my name taken off the lease/getting a new lease squared away. Apparently this hasn't happened as I've received a message from the letting agent saying the rent hadn't been paid. I called them to query this and was told that as far as they're concerned there have been no changes made to the lease and my name is still on it (it's a joint lease).

    Am I right in thinking that I've dropped a bollock by trusting her to get this sorted (I've had other things going on so have been pre-occupied) and will remain responsible for the property until this is squared away?

    Would there be any point in getting some free legal advice or should I chalk this one up to experience and try and get things sorted before the next months rent is due?
  2. I think you're stuck this month. Get your name off the lease yourself. if need be, get a lawyer to do the letter writing bit, just to make sure. Hand deliver if really parnoid...... Cough up YOUR share of the rent if that was the deal before the split. If not, ouch....
  3. nogbad

    nogbad Old-Salt

    Yes. You should have gone to the landlord and sorted it yourself. If it was in joint names, she couldn't just have your name taken off, just on her say so, in any case. You may find there is a notice period to give.
  4. jinxy

    jinxy LE

    I think you may have dropped a bollock mate. Get your name of the lease ASAP. Even if you have to stump up some cash. She may well stitch up further if you don't.
  5. Zarathustra

    Zarathustra Guest

    Thanks, will have a ring around tomorrow and speak to the letting agent again.
  6. Zarathustra

    Zarathustra Guest

    Is this something I could talk to the ALS about, or as I'm in the UK will I have to find a civvy lawyer?
  7. robroy

    robroy LE

    Spot on advice.
    I oversee issuing/signing leases etc, as with any legal document unless you are dead any changes must be done by you.

    1. Speak to the landlord, tell him you fucked up by trusting your ex, depending on his reaction dictates what you do next.
    a, Speak to your ex.
    b, Pay the outstanding but get your name off the lease.
    c, Quick chat with the Citizens Advice.
    d, Find a solicitor that does an initial consultation for free.
    e, Shoot the cow, torch the premises, go into hiding.
  8. Be aware that if you sign a new lease on your own, make sure it's a continuation of the previous lease, with just your name on it. Otherwise they might try to get you to sign a new lease for 6/12 months, they might even be ********* and want to make you pay that £150 or so to do new credit checks to ensure that you can afford the rent on your own.
  9. Zarathustra

    Zarathustra Guest

    I've no intention of taking on the property, she told me she would stay there and that she could afford to pay the bills and rent.
  10. Ultima

    Ultima Old-Salt

    You said you got a letter saying no rent was paid.

    Didn't she pay half? or did she not bother her arse?
  11. As long as her name is on the lease, she has to pay half of the rent by law. Same as the bills if her names on them.
  12. Zarathustra

    Zarathustra Guest

    I didn't get a letter just a voice mail message.

    Yes her name is on the lease, luckily I squared the bills away so I don't need to worry about those.
  13. Ultima

    Ultima Old-Salt

    Aye but are you making sure she coughs up her half? as by the sounds of it, your covering everything...
  14. jinxy

    jinxy LE

    That is all well and good. Until she does not pay her way. You then end up with a bad credit rating and the only one they go after, if she doesn't work.

    Just to add, if she defaults on any credit and your name is on the lease, you feel the pain also.
  15. Ultima

    Ultima Old-Salt

    OP stated she said she could handle all bill n rent herself so i assume she works.

    Ach no better advice than get yer name off the lease as your about to be taken for a ride.

    Good luck man, hopefully no issues.