A question on De Kitting on discharge

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Baldrick66, Dec 17, 2008.

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  1. Gent's

    Just had a question raised by a mate who is currently on terminal leave and is leaving after 12 years. Basically the question is what has to be returned to his unit QM's? I was under the impression that only 1033 kit gets returned ie Webbing, CBA, Doss bag, Helmet etc (which he has already handed back when he cleared the unit) and 1157 clothing is left with the individual as it's next to the skin items and therefore not reissued. Now it appears the RQ wants him to return to the unit and hand in all his remaining C95 etc before his discharge date.

    Anyone got the relevant paragraphs to hand, over what is and is not required on discharge?
  2. Why would anyone want to keep it?
  3. When I left mate, I had to hand in everything, including 1157 items.
  4. Notty

    When I left It was just 1033 items, and told to chuck the rest in the rag bin unless I had another use for it. So It went to a couple of the lads as Buckshee's

    My oppo has a couple of hundred miles round trip if he returns to his parent unit and can't see the point if it's just to chuck stuff in a rag bin.
  5. Baldrick,

    I had to hand all mine in.

    I Reckon it depends on the unit policy and how bolshy the clothing store staff are (ie are they civvies?)
  6. OAM

    He's already done the round robin before he left the unit, told to hand back xyz and got his chits signed by the Q staff. He's just miffed that a couple of weeks later he gets a phone call from the RQ to say come back and hand everything else in.

    Just after the chapter and verse for him, so he either gets his arrse back down south to hand it in, or he tells them to come and get it if they want it. :)
  7. Tell them to come and get it.

    I assume that in a very short time he is going to be a civie?

    If his unit wants anything off of MR ExTom then they can ask nicely and if Mr exTom can be arrsed then he can send it back in the post. :)

    Being a useless fat civie can have its uses. :twisted:
  8. He's not a civvy yet. The cost can be recovered from his final pay. Not that I would though.
  9. I had to hand everything back, full 1157 less one pair combat trousers, one shirt, one combat jacket, one pair boots, chinese fighting suit, socks, thermals, gloves, water proofs and beret.

    I'm assuming he will go onto the reservist list after he leaves. If so then he needs a minimum amount of green gear to keep to hand. His RQ should know this.
  10. I had to hand everything back, although I wish I'd kept my Pro Boots (I was asked too).
  11. Do they not only bin your CS95 thats handed back in anyway??
  12. As the Army owns the kit I'm sure they can do what they want with it.
  13. I handed everything in, the storeman told me " you have to keep XYZ as you'll be on the reserve" Replied back" It states that it has to be in serviceable condition, when I came to replace stuff 6 months ago due to it being shagged, you told me to fcuk off as I was getting out, so you can have it all back" The only thing I walked out with was my beret and capbadge.
  14. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    Check in JSP 886 Vol 6 Pam 5

    As for the retention scale it depends why he is getting out.