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Discussion in 'Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme 2010' started by chocolate_frog, Apr 6, 2011.

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  1. Say I leave the Armed Forces with a £80k pay out and £6.5k pension.

    If you don't get a job straight away... can I claim anything?
  2. To claim benefits, you need to be working less than 16 hours a week (which you would be) and have less than 16k savings (which i suspect you'll have more than)
  3. I don't think you can claim benefits if you've got more than £6k to your name. Whet will be along in a moment to offer his services as a consultant.

    You don't want to go to the dole office. You'll feel naked without a Pit Bull.
  4. Job seekers allowance contributions based.

    Bout £65.45 per wk for 182 days. It changes next week by a matter of a couple of quid.

    You will be entitled to it because its not means tested like JSA income based which is what AM is describing above. Basically you get you NI contributions back for six months on conts based JSA.
  5. Yes, JSA contribution based. Taxable. Only good thing is that your NI is paid for you.
  6. No consultant here and I'm no expert, but I'm aware of this calculator which worked pretty well for me.
  7. Do what millions of immigrants do, bank it abroad.
  8. If you are in possession of a passport from romania, somalia or the outer fringes of the nile delta, then you will be quids in mate, as it stands you are probably entitled to an interview with an 18year old yoof, who will spend hours going through bullshit paperwork, and then register you as a malingering anti government activist , on the grounds that you failed to take the employment offered as a trainee job centre yoof on minimum wage. You will be entitled i believe to have your NI contributions paid if unemployed, don't quote me though, having luckily never been unemployed, unemployable by anyone else yes!!!
  9. Why if you have 80k would you want to sponge off the state?
  10. On a contributions based benefits it doesn't work. They'll know you've been made redundant so will want to know where its gone and ask you to provide evidence. Besides, its still capital available to you so still wouldn't be able to claim.
  11. You will get nothing, as you have worked and accumulated money. If however, you had pissed it all up in the spoons or put it on a horse, you could easily pick up a cheque for JSA. I would imagine that you must owe about 78k to a close friend, who will then be able to supply you with the aper trail showing it's gone into their bank account.
  12. I've paid in to it long enough.

    Does any of this change if I am in full time education?
  13. No, if you have enough money (and 80k would certainly be considered enough) plus a regular income then you are not in need of help. Cheeky ****, it's bad enough paying through the nose in taxes for workshy chavs let alone having to do so for some chancer with 80 ******* grand at their disposal.
  14. Yep. Your not actively seeking full-time employment so no Job Seekers Allowance.