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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Frogslegs, Sep 25, 2007.

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  1. I was walking back home with the kids via the quiet streets about an hour ago when I heard a woman screaming & kids crying on 1 of the big boulevards here. It looked like she'd been hit by a passing car (reeling all over the place), her 3 kids were all over the place at the edge of a 3 lane road so I took the sprogs & went over to help, called police & "pompiers" (firemen - who do emergency ambulance stuff here), etc.
    It turns out this woman & the kids had been put in the car by "hubby", dumped by the side of the road & he'd punched her twice in the head before driving off... not 1st time he'd hit her either. :evil:
    I can't get this out of my head, I keep "seeing" her dead with those young kids just standing there crying because I didn't do more to help; but when I called the Social Services, domestic violence association & the like, all said "it's not your problem, she'll be looked after"...yeah, right. :roll:
    So 2 questions:
    1. What does the law in the UK do to someone who beats the cr*p out of their spouse/partner in front of their 3 kids (aged here at about 4yrs, 2yrs, & 3mths)?
    2. What would TRUE justice be?
  2. Given you are asking what would happen to someone who has arguably falsely imprisoned his partner (and if moved, then it would be kidnap) and ABH'd her, both of which are imprisonable offences, and if not the first time then relevant "bad charactor" applications could be made at court; you'd be looking at crown court and likely imprisonment due to the aggravating factors of the presence of the children and the fact it is domestic violence.

    True Justice?

    Don't get court and a place of worship mixed up!
  3. Thanks for the info, v interesting. So basically it's the same as here - victim has to have the guts to take him to court & stay the course...not easy. :(
    Ironic as apparantly the aggressor is an Imam... well I hope she does the right thing, for her kids sake.
  4. [/b

    Here we go :twisted:

    My bet is it'll be the apologists who post first.
  5. hasn't the law changed so if the cops have photos of victim's injuries, and enough evidence to put before jury they can use them in court even if victim won't give evidence live?
  6. I hope it's true & they can do the same here in France, Poppy!
    But all I got when I googled conjugal violence was the usual stuff... not much help if the woman is not very strong minded & independent or is of foreign origin & not terribly good at the local language :(
    Whether English, Russian, Chinese, Algerian or any other nationality woman, I think you'd need to be tough as hell & VERY fluent in the language to have the slightest chance of succeeding in getting away & keeping the wifebeater away afterwards whether in UK or France... :x
    Oh yes & I found a story about a woman in France who went into a refuge for women & children to escape wifebeater & who got fined 1000€ & put in prison for not letting "monsieur" see his kids... 8O
    Edited to add:
    Just found the article...
    linky in French
    My bad. It was 800€ & three months suspended sentence. Still Defies belief!