A Question of Sport in the Scottish referendum

An interesting article on the Scottish Independence referendum
vote in 2014, is whether Team GB's Olympic success can influence
the No campaign.

Could Team GB's finest hour also turn out to be its last? Scotland's
ruling nationalist party is certainly hoping, and planning, for that
They've been thumbing through the Olympic rulebook, confident
that, if Scots vote yes in the independence referendum scheduled
for the autumn of 2014.
They can establish Team Scotland in time for the 2016 Games in Rio.
Scotland already meets the key criterion, with internationally
recognised federations in at least five Olympic sports.

The feel good factor of the London Olympics - Team GB
boosts, No vote campaign. But the anti-independence camp
lacks a charismatic leader

Until now, it was widely assumed that the emotional cards were
all stacked on the independence side of the argument: patriotism
and the Braveheart call on the Scottish people to seize their destiny.
But this summer has emboldened the No camp to believe their case
need no longer be cast solely in the bloodless terms of fiscal and
governmental practicality.
They have seen that the idea of Britain – presented the right
way – can tug at Scottish hearts, too.
In that spirit, I have a modest suggestion for those opposing
Rather than be branded as the No campaign – often a disadvantage
in referendum battles – they should be brazen and call themselves
Team GB.
It would encapsulate the message nicely.

Guardian - Can Team GB's Olympic success be repeated in the
Scottish Referendum


If the Scottish Independence referendum becomes influenced by sporting representation then Scotland's fucked. Anyone from any of the countries that make up the United Kingdom would vote for representing their own country before financial, political or other constraints.

As for Team GB, ram it. I still prefer each country to have it's own national team when it comes to sports like football or rugby, but in the Olympics the only way to go if you want any degree of success is joint.


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what salmond isn't thinking about is that as soon as he got independence all the medal winners would move and stay here so he would have no medal table to look at. no athlete reached for the saltire as they know where their money comes from.

seeing as great britain is a union then scotland never really belonged in the commonwealth so shouldn't be holding any games.

if they do have any team success then the EU will stake a claim to it, just like they won the olympics medal table - according to them.
EScotia wrote;
"If the Scottish Independence referendum becomes influenced by sporting representation then Scotland's fucked "

No worse than hoping a 700 hundred year old battle will provoke some nationalistic pride.
I can only think of a handful of Scots Athletes that actually live and train in Scotland, and most of them are swimmers.

ALL of the Scottish medal winners live out side Scotland.

Says it all really. The SNP have systimatically refused to help Scottish athletes (and I include swimmers and equestrian in that).

To be fair, many of the English train outside England too....

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