A Question of Question Time

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Markintime, Oct 22, 2009.

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  1. I don't want to debate the merits of the politics of the various parties that will be involved with QT tonight but rather the behaviour of the individuals.
    I have a horrible feeling that this episode, which has so much potential may just descend into childishness.
    I would like to see a panel, each arguing and debating a set of questions from their own political perspective. Equally I'd like to see a set of questions that fairly reflect all the issues facing us today. I certainly don't want to see all the questions directed at putting one particular party on the spot about one particular issue and I want to see all the participants debating the issues, not the personalities, involved.
    I have a very real fear though that we'll just see a lot of very sulky politicians making stupid points about not entering into discussion with people who etc etc. Please try to keep personal politics out of any replies as this is more about format and conduct than content.
  2. I suspect it will be a riot.
    I would like to think reasoned debate will demolish the BNP but part of me hopes otherwise.
    If Griffin comes out of Question Time tonight looking like somebody with a halfway reasoned argument then the only option for the mainstream parties will be to re-assess their postion on immigration issues.

    I don't want Griffin to be a success but I do want the big three parties to deal with the issues.

    Realistically I expect the audience to be stacked in oppostion to the BNP and the panel to behave in a fairly childish manner rather than engage in debate.
  3. I think that it will end in a "Boo" "Hiss" affair but I hope that there will be a reasoned debate by all involved and that by such reasoned debate it will destroy the party that has been invited to attend.
    I also hope that the questions that are put to the panel will reflect what is going in the country at the moment and that the party that has been invited will be unable to answer those questions and show them up to be a one issue party.
  4. My biggest fear is that Griffin wont even have to open his mouth to win the debate because the other participants by their actions will win the case for him.
  5. Nooooo!! No more please!
  6. in my opinion if politicians are prepared to 'talk' to the taliban, alchieda and the IRA then they should not be scared or to up themselves to talk to the BNP

    I think that as long as it doesn't become a hysterical screaming match Griffons presense there could possibly even stimulate the discussion into areas or views that the mainstream parties normally avoid.

    Perhaps even an extremist could produce a good idea for the mainstreamers to use on subjects like the economy or health? who knows unless we hear him speak! as we know many politicians are too scared to say anything that looks non-PC so I'm quite looking forward to what I hope could be a frank and open discussion on subjects ranging from immigration and border control to looking after or creating british jobs (and by that I include all britons no matter their creed not just for white anglo saxons either!) Sadly though I fully expect flour bombers, radical muslims and lesbian communist femanist groups as well as 'holier than thou' mainstream politicians to hijack the event to make themselves look as if their shit doesn't stink!
  7. Pouting no-bodies like Peter Hain just make me want to hear what Griffin has to say even more.

    Let's hear their economic, education & defence policies. Though to be honest I was a bit scared by their last General Election pledge that anyone that had undergone formal military training, should be compelled to keep an assault rifle at home for civil defence. They likened it to the Swiss model but I fear it would be more like an vigilante mob. For me the first question asked of anyone that seeks to own a weapon is "Do you want a rifle/gun?". If the answer is "Yes" then they are clearly not the kind of people that should own a gun.

    That particular piece of idiocy aside Griffin is not a stupid man, he's educated and he's got the balls to say what he believes. Whether I agree with him or not I want to hear him debate publically with those that seem to thnk they have the right to occupy the moral high ground in this country.
  8. Agree that what would be best is for Griffin to be allowed to make his case and then for it to be demolished by the others and shown for what it is. I find the BNP abhorrent and despise their policies. However, nearly a million people fell for their lies and half baked policies. As well as outing them for the filth that they are the major parties should also try and consider why this vast number felt the urge to vote for the BNP. I suspect that this part of the issue will be lost amongst the boos and hisses.

  9. Either we have 'Free Speech' by right,or we do not.There is nothing to fear from learning what other people want.If we have any faith in 'Multicultural Britain' all perspectives are equal until proven otherwise.A community is the sum of all it's Citizens,even the ones you may not like!(a bit like ARRSE really!
  10. Roger, I fail to see your point about gun ownership and suspect that you are completely ignorant on such issues but that aside and lets get to the topic here:

    The BNP is a legitimate political party. We claim to live in a democracy. I dont agree with their policies but I, my father, grandfather, and a lot of other people have fought, and in some cases died, to defend their right to be heard.

    If it was a case of banning those whos views we dont like from question time then I would start by banning the current government.The fact that they (liarbour) have been so vocal in trying to censor the BNP makes me all the less inclined to like them and more inclined give the BNP a hearing.

    I heard Red Ken on the radio this AM saying that the BBC should give BNP airtime only if ordered by a judge to do so and then only as much as was legally obligated. maybe we should apply the same rules to him.

    Personally i think all the mainstream parties are currently scared that the minority parties may actually win some seats in the next GE as the public struggle to see the difference between, or the relevance of the mainstream parties to the real problems in society.

    Edited for clarity
  11. Can anyone actually tell me what their policies are? All they seem to spout on about is what they feel is wrong with the country, not how they intend to put it right. I bet if you mentioned the banking crisis and how would Nick Griffin put it right he would come out with the usual "Bonus" issue - and I dont mean shares!
  12. If there is a reasoned debate on immigration then I would not get your hopes up if you are expecting to see Griffin destroyed tonight.

    The whole reason Griffin is there at all is due to the Lib/Lab/Con SW1 ilk not having a realistic stance on mass immigration in the first place.

    In fact,I predict that unless the whole show declines into high farce,Griffin will be picking up some support nationally as he is well trained in PR and knows which buttons to push.

    (He has even pushed a few of mine by suggesting that third world economic immigrants are housed in Notting Hill to live side by side with the 'Liberal elite' who let them into the UK in the first place.)[/quote]

    They are not a single issue party and have a manifesto for the UK.

    They are basically a socialist/statist party with nationalistic overtones,very similar to the NSDAP.

    Try to imagine a jackbooted 1970's Labour party on steroids and you wont be too far from the truth.Or to put it more simply,racsist socialists.
  13. I'm happy for the debate to go ahead, I want to hear "live" what he has to say. My belief is that "Cambridge educated" (Daily Express) Griffin will tie them up in knots. He is the master of half truth and unspoken comment (Shortt anyone?). What did he say when comparing the generals to the WW2 German generals? As I understand it, he said that the WW2 generals had ended up on trial for "following orders" and leading troops on an invasion into sovereign territory. Isn't that what "we" did?
  14. Bingo. Their policies are basically a rant about darkies coming over here and stealing all of our jobs. BNP - big on problems but small on solutions.

    Nevertheless, they need to be heard. The only way to defeat ignorance is by exposing it to the light and slaying it with the trusty sword of truth. (er...sorry to paraphrase that slimebag politician who went to jail).
  15. Just me being trying to be funny I suppose and failing dismally. Seemed to spend more time cleaning my SLR than using it, maybe that clouded my thinking.

    You are right about the mainstream parties. They are very happy when they can go on the telly or radio and trot out their "anyone opposed to multiculturalism is ignorant" line unchallenged but they get very uncomfortable when they may have to face somone with an opposing view in person.

    Being sniffy and pious wont resolve the underlying perceptions & issues that have drawn people, rightly or wrongly, to the BNP.

    I applaud Jack Straw for agreeing to debate. There was a suggestion that Griffin woudl not have shared a paltform with Diane Abbott - I suspect he would because she'd be easy to beat. The woman is, like Hain, a complete lightweight. Jack Straw isn't.