A question for you Pensions Gurus - DWP


Help. Can someone from here tell me how - having had my Medical post discharge for War Pension I was assessed at a certain % disability and then a few weeks later I receive a letter from the Military Pensions people saying I have been - without recourse to another medical - been reassessed at half that %?

To further muddy the waters the War pensions people say that as far as they are concerned I'm still at the original % and have no idea why I have been "re-assessed" yet when I phone Glasgow I can't get a straight answer to the question!

Even worse this is two arms of the same department! I have no issues with the lower assessment if that is where I should be, but surely I should have some sort of formal re-assessment? And if that lower percentage is where I should be then surely I am being "overpaid" with my War Pension?

Please help someone as I'm disappearing up my own hoop - and this has been ongoing since December!

So the net question is this. How can two arms of the same department have the same person with the same presentation assessed at two widely differing levels of disability as a result of the same Medical board - and consequently leave me in the position of not knowing how to rectify this - or indeed if I should be?


I am a civvy GP so dont know the military rules and regs. However I would put it in writing and save a copy, ask why they are lowering your % disabilty assessment, and on what grounds. Take legal advice if you do not get a sensible answer or appeal the decisiion.

I had a similar case with a policeman who was severely injured whilst on duty on the hard shoulder of a motorway when his disability assessment severely affected his pension. He was reduced from something like 75 % to 69% and low and behold the cut off point for a higher pension was 70%... He had help from his union rep a retired policeman and another medical report from me.

Good Luck