A question for those who know about uniform.

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by barbarasson, Apr 20, 2006.

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  1. I am in process of getting Number 2 dress sorted for my CCF SNCOs (perhaps pointless, but I am sick of RAF and RN looking smarter on formal occasions).

    Anyhow. My senior cadet is a girl, but we are capbadged to an infantry unit. Therefore, what hat should the cadet wear? I would prefer them to wear a Number 1 hat and don't want to just let them stay in berets.

  2. Cadets are allowed to wear No.1 peaked caps on formal occasions, however check with your badged regiment as to if they wear one as not all do eg RRF (I think)
    All for senior cadets kitted out with No.2 dress as like you said Sea Cadets, Marine cadets and the like always seem alot smarter.
    However make sure the cadets wear the CCF shoulder titles on the epaulettes(sp) The small brass ones to show they are cadets not serving soldiers. Stops any complaining.
  3. ah yes, wilco on all that thanks. My point is that I cannot see that there will be a female version of a county infantry regiment hat. Therefore, as I would not want by male and female cadets wearing tdifferent ypes of hat, I wondered if there was anyway around this problem.

    If we go through with it I think I will go for having our normal shoulder flashes put on, as there are, in fact, very smart.
  4. When I was a cadet there was,nt enough tw@t caps to go round. So in the sake of uniformity everybody wore berets. Still looked smart enough.

    Regards LT.
  5. Not entirely sure but you may find that depending on your regiment the afformentioned tw@t hat may be the same as one found in one of the support arms, therefore finding a female version no probs. May require some digging around though.
    All else fails as long as the kit is worn correctly then you wont have a drama.
    What are your shoulder flashes like?
    Ive seen people wearing the olive green ones and the like with No.2 dress and it looks w@nk. So id stick to the brass ones wherever possible.

  6. Shoulder flashes are White writing on black, similar to RM Commando tapes. I think it would be smart. The only thing we have that is vaguely professional looking.

    LT. I get your point, but I am only talking about 4 sets of kit, whether I manage to get it buckshe or have to pay.
  7. You may have more success in the infrantry or the QM's and MT (log) forum.
  8. Fair enough should look ok.
    cadet kit shop should be able to help you out. Based at frimley park so they should be able to assist you in your enquiries, and probably do it it quite cheap. Alternatively try
    They are slightly more expensive if I remember righly though.

    Other ranks army no.1 dress cap. £25 mens and ladies
    No.2 dress suit £25 grade 1. mens and ladies
    No.2 dress shirt £3.95 mens £5.95 ladies
    ties £2.95
    they dont do the white courlene belts but I know cadet kit shop does. However the brass plate and badge are expensive.
    To save costs I had my cadets wear the white belt with brass clasps like on the 95 working belt.
    Hope this helps.

  9. Grade 2 No.2 dress suits with cap £15.00 @ www.britishmilitarysurplus.co.uk. It says grade 2 but it really means Grade 1.5 :lol: and i fink you can order in bulk through Field Textiles, you should know it from backloading kit. There webby is www.fieldtextiles.co.uk, but minimum order £250
  10. Possibly not, but let me know what Regiment you're talking about & I might have a suggestion for you.
  11. So, you need to commandeer a tw@t hat, if you and all of the other ACFs/CCFs with females badged to the same infantry regt wear the same thing then who can say it is wrong? It doesn't exist so if you take advice from QM of that regt, you can create an acceptable alternative surely? That's what I did when badged to the RRW, nobody ever had another suggestion.
  12. barbarasson - No problem. I am female and currently badged "Infantry" I wear Inf cap badge and collar dogs with my SD, leave off the lanyard (having no breast pockets) and my No 1 Dress Hat is blue\red so it fits right in. There are several of us with this problem in our county. As another post on this thread suggests, if there are no dress regs for it simply adapt and overcome.
  13. I've seen many females with their lanyard hooked to a safety pin under the jacket lapel (or if the plaited type, simply cut short and sewn under the arm.
  14. One of the times when having a classy headdress such as a caubeen is pretty handy!

    (Caubeen and classy in the same sentence - something wrong there) But they look pretty good with 2's!
  15. I don't see what's wrong with Beret and 2's