A question for the Spams out there

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ting-Tong, Oct 30, 2004.

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  1. Recently I have started back to work exporting music and DVD's and all the spam orders MUST HAVE a little label on the back of the product stating that it has been "MADE IN ENGLAND"!!.

  2. Maybe its because of the possibility of getting variant CjD from British made meat products.
    Bit naughty like, seeing as everyone will probably boycott the stuff like what happened with the Argie corned beef.
  3. Crystal Tips, welcome to ARRSE, now it was interesting reading your above post, however i really dont think that you can catch CJD from DVDs.
    (and the term Spam refers to our friends across the Atlantic and not a form of canned meat) :D
  4. I would have to go back and research the actual law, but what sticks in my mind is the FTC [Fed Trade Commision] requires all packaging to state where the product was made. I believe this started in the late 80's and early 90's

    The whole Wal-Mart chain prides them selves on the Made in USA mark...although some is utter shyte
  5. I'll get back in my box :lol:
  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA..........

    I have been having a truly shit few days and miserable as sin,
    but THESE first three post have made my laugh until i cried!!!!!!!

    Cheers Beebs xxxxxxx
  7. No but there is a very real risk of thought and goddamed liberalism! :D
  8. LOL It's a contest. If you find the item at Wal-Mart that is actually "Made in USA", it's free.

    (actually WallyWorld means Usa, China)
  9. The last time I visited a Wal-Mart (a horrible experience) 'Made in USA' did not apply to most of the staff, let alone the goods. Mind you, it was unclear whether some of the customers were natives of this planet, or were in fact aliens from the planet Obesity.
  10. You have that right!

    "a horrible experience" is being rather nice to WallyWorld
  11. God bless America and all she inflicts on this planet. MiB is almost more believable than GWB's presidential history and promises. If only we all lived in a 42' plasma screen!

    All septics, present your case for not being humiliated by man kind. That includes the population of Birmingham being your judge too. And that, sirs, is akin to being told youre a fcukwit by Terrance Fcukwit esq.

  12. There is no case - simple as

    Fcukwits, every single banjo playing, slack jawed, inbred one of them :wink:
  13. Maybe it's that they don't want anything made in Wales or Scotland...
  14. Over here "Made in England" is a required consumer warning meaning much the same thing as "Contact With This Product May Cause Scabies, Anal Warts, Mono, and Shrivelled Knackers."

    Nothing important. Just helps avoid lawsuits.


    Hey, bubblehead, how ya doin' man? :wink: