A question for the RMP

This is a whatever happened to? question.

My ex in laws live beside the garrison, my parents not too far away and I lived in Colchester for many years starting in the 70's.
The recent Time Team reminded me of Jolliffes shop, the RMP building, Cherry Tree camp and also the basis for my question

Persec means I can't name the guy (His initials are AM)- I never met him but was in Collie when this incident "happened".

He was RMP when an IED blew up his car.
He lost his lower leg.

Altho he had had a full and interesting service life I think the only option for him was a medical discharge.

As with all things military it made the national news for a couple of days then faded.
Even the local Gazette gave up,

So, Did he make out ok?
Don't need a life history, a yes would do.

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