A question for the medics/thinking of transfering

I am getting frustrated with my current TA infantry career (mainly due to not being paid for it!) and have been recently toying with the idea of transferring to a medical unit, as I am training to be a Mental health Nurse at Uni the two jobs might sit nicely together. My questions are as follows...

Would it be worth transfering while I am a student? Would the training compliment my chosen career or would I just be opening and closing a gate every tuesday night?

What do TA psychiatric nurses do on a tuesday night and weekends? other than the obvious MATTS?

Any answers thoughts, or advise would be much welcomed.
You are frustrated with your career for not being paid? Thats hardly infantry related frustration is it. Besides, what makes you think you will be paid with your new unit?

If thats the primary motivator for wanting to change, think about it a bit more!
Mental Health Nurses do the same as every one else on a Tuesday night.... So it depends entirely on the unit.

If you fancy a change why not go on the RMA courses? You can still be Inf and run around and all that, but you get a bit of Medical thrown in.

Unless you want to REMF it up in a Fd Hosp!!!

(Takes cover!)


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