A question for the ladies re Christmas presents.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Dec 19, 2010.

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  1. It is looking as if the present I have on order for my wife will not make it here in time for Christmas.
    So I asked the obvious question.She replied "Oh anything,you know what I like" Clearly I don't have a clue.
    What is "on trend" this year and will guarantee me some peace and quiet for 11 months until we go through the charade all over again?
  2. look on her dressing table for a perfume bottle which is nearly empty, go to Debenhams/John Lewis/House of Fraser and buy a full up lovely new bottle :) simple
  3. Thanks Pop,but I thought perfume would be an easy get out! Although it may be the easiest option.
  4. Spa/massage/Clarins treatment voucher.
  5. Case of wine
  6. perfume is a good present as it is a luxury item - if you want to go to town get the shower gel/body lotion etc as well.
    why is it you don't know what she likes? don't you share a home with her? silk lingerie or something cashmere would show thought - look in her wardrobe and see her size and colour preference. If you have ordered her main present anyway you don't need to spend too much
    I read recently a cashmere hat stops the hair going static - see if you can find one. M&S may do one otherwise department stores as in my previous post
  7. Ha ha I nearly put that! But that's on my list along with lots of books ....... not that Santa ever reads my list :crying::crying::crying:
  8. ooooooooooooooooooh great idea will you marry me :)
  9. I would have thought it would be a case of champagne for you FMP :)
  10. Bloody hell so that is two cases now, this is going to be an expesive christmas for me :)
  11. I make sure my supply never runs out!
  12. Poppys probably on the money here - if you don't know what to get her ask the girls who work on the perfume counters for help, they will have seen hundreds of guys like you especially in this week before christmas.

    A nice expensive handbag or pair of shoes usually go down well. Black leather boots are a fave of mine.

    What style of jewellery does she usually wear? A nice little set ( do NOT buy cheap crap she'll kill you if her ears turn green) with earrings and a necklace could be a good choice too.
  13. Make mine a red then. Same for Poppy I believe :eye: