A question for the hardest working cog in the machine

The Army can be considered a vital cog in the productive machine that is society.

Yet in that machine, the TA soldier part do two jobs and get fuck all back.

My PSI freely admits that Regular Army life is a piece of piss, and he's fucking Airborne Infantry!

Small example;

I do my civvie job, then turn up at the Airport already knackered to travel down to England, pick up a weapon at the other end - am expected to be fully conversant with it, physically fit and have all my drills and skills squared away.

These F'ing regulars are actually given time in their working day to go the gym! Just think how much else they are given! When I went on tour in two theatres, Bosnia and Kosovo, I found the work easier and the lifestyle most pleasant!

Regulars should be fucking ashamed of themselves for the piss easy lives they lead

But the question here for the TA is, how do you justify to yourselves and your spouses/ family your continuing commitment??

For me it starts with this;

1/ I want to be someone with a tale to tell at the end of my life.

2/ My civvy life is not enough for me. Playing football with the lads, looking after my wife and little girl once a week and working 9 til 5 is only half a life for me.

3/ Although I dread weekends sometimes, ive had the most out of the ordinary times in the TA. Only last year I was in the USA jumping out of planes and pretending to be an Arab. Where the fuck else would you do that?
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